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I’ll start off this series of posts by saying that if the Gods, for whatever reason, refuse to give an outward sign of their existence, then the only way to run a society is via a healthy secular order based on the rule of law and honest intelligent reasonable justice. Not the abortion we have today which is fake secularism and fake religion and fake media empires serving the agenda of the billionaire class: this is The Cabal(A) that rules the earth today.  It should be noted that the only empirical evidence of spiritual claims over 10,000 years is the mild efficacy of yoga and meditation, and no–another documentary would prove nothing!

This post will explore the who of who brought us to this current sad and pathetic societal state of phoniness and fakeness pretty much all based on various forms of duplicity.

Please watch this video on the Arcanum so you can adjust yourself to the context of this post. It’s well worth the time to view. Jewish mysticism gone wild! I’ll start by stating where I’m in agreement. I believe subtle energies are real and that they are something, although that something has in no way been verified by scientific knowledge; and because of this fact, we should tread very carefully with our speculations within this field of inquiry. I agree that as a spiritual hypothesis the idea of the one Monad dividing into a male/female duality is a coherent version of the tripartite idea. I believe that treating sexual union as spiritual and wholly can be a very good thing although even there-there are no guarantees of a lasting relationship. I agree that sex could be an avenue towards awakening higher spiritual potentials such as empathy and equanimity. And that’s about as good as it gets in this post! What shouldn’t be allowed to happen? To have this Cabal(A) control civilization via its religious and lowly evolved financial economic casino model all framed within dubious and unproven spiritual metaphysics. It should be noted that this documentary argues for my assertion that this Cabal is coordinated by an alignment of Jewish, Jesuit, Freemason, Saudi, and various other religious actors.

The first major contention and disagreement with the God claim in this documentary is the claim of ecumenicalism. To my thinking, this condition is analogous to battered wife syndrome! If this great love made it so the only way it could play out in our dimensions is within the brutal murderous killing fields of historic religion then that husband (God) can very well be likened to a husband that beats his wife! Is this really a grand theatre of love or a grand theatre of brutal murderous deception? I would argue based on all the evidence that the latter is the case. Let’s not dismiss the fact that religion couldn’t be more contradictory with its claims as evidenced when comparing traditions like Mahayana Buddhism to exoteric literal Roman Catholicism. Not to mention the contradictions of its main actors: Gabriel lying and contradicting himself to Mary, the supposed mother of Jesus and then lying to Mohamed. Dude, that is one confused angel!

Cabala is science? BULL-SHIT! Please link all the journal citations where scientists have studied and verified empirically the claims of this mysticism! Oh, that’s right, there aren’t any! Yet, through the most amazing sleight of hand in human history the people who believe this nonsense have taken control of civilization! The Cabal(A) who control most all religion and finance (not to mention Hollywood and the media). Abusive archons to a battered and bruised humanity, IMO.

GNOSIS? Spiritual gnosis is hermeneutic! Period…And anyone claiming anything else is lying and practicing duplicity! This documentary isn’t offering up speculation; it’s propaganda asserting one spiritual view as fact. There are alternative versions of spiritual Gnosis and one of them states that this Yahweh is a poser entity. The murderous and bloody record of its behavior throughout history is evidence enough of this assertion, IMO.

SEX: if I were to create a condition for my children wherein I made the best part of their experience the most pleasurable part and have scientific study prove without a doubt the healthy efficacy of said experience and then turn around and tell my children, NOPE, don’t do this and also ask them to deny all empirical studies; then, man, I tell ya,  I am some whack-job parent! (No pun intended). Now, in saying this, I am in no way denying the possible efficacy of a select few Tantric traditions but I’d be highly skeptical today of the claims being sold within spiritual cabalistic neoliberal capitalism on this issue (Cabal(A) spirituality). I don’t even know where to begin with the spiritual sex aspect of this video! So Adam and Eve are symbolic but had spiritual sex in another dimension wherein it is said there is no need for sex! Damn! Now I’m more confused than ever! Immaculate conception? It’s funny how the Gods refuse to offer any empirical evidence of this yet insist on complete control of civilization premised on these dubious speculations.

YIKES! Here’s the rub: Jewish mysticism has always wanted complete control of these dimensions via its political Messiah proclivities… This aim, goal, and endgame has always been a part of this tradition and modernity has in no way lessened this desire. All the various machinations of the Cabal(A) today are setting up the conditions for world rule via the Messiah ruling the nations with an Iron Rod–he will do this via the implementation of the Noahide Laws, IMO ( which are, coincidentally, congruent with the claims made by this Cabal in this doc.)….And all this based on invisible allegories as there is next to zero evidence of Noah or any of the other stories in this tradition being real or historically accurate.

There has been much vexation and gnashing of teeth lately that science has also been a deception: Flat Earth theory, the claim that archeology has hidden the truth of giants, etc.. I think it’s true that capitalism can and has corrupted some fields within the domains of science but I highly doubt that the methods of science itself can be called into dispute or that the faculties of reason and logic can be over-ridden by unproven esoteric claims. Please note that the claims in dispute all aim at arguing for the truth of Jewish mythology. At any rate, I’d say, all things being corrupt as they are here, that it’s this Cabal that is doing the deceiving on these issues!

As a Gnostic, I offer up a different view of all these shenanigans and that is that some aspect of reality has been obscured, but we don’t really know what that is. It could very well be that this Cabal(A) wiped out the information as to any alternative explanation for what humanity is experiencing on this planet. I’d also mention that in 2018 an Extraterrestrial hypothesis makes more rational sense of this mess than a solely spiritual one, although personally, I believe humanity is dealing with both. But I’m an Agnostic Gnostic and can only speak the truth via speculation without the desire to control others or exploit and coerce them by force to live under my corrupt systems of finance.  Something the Cabal(A)ists are quite lousy at–they seem to love forced coercion and unnecessary exploitation! Any sensible person should reject their corrupt modus operandi!

In the coming few posts I’ll tackle how they took total control of civilization.

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