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This link explores scientific research into new theories of mind. I’ll first start off by mentioning that this field of inquiry is laden with capitalist moneymaking New-Age woo-woo which generally asserts every manner of ridiculousness as fact. I’ll endeavor not to go there.

We should be aware that modernity has reduced the mind to brain functioning and that this reduction has also been transferred into politics and economics with more or less disastrous results, IMO… It’s no mere coincidence that the Doomsday Clock inched a minute closer to disaster this week and that not so long after the advent of leftist Marxist Dialectical Materialism or the rights Social Darwinist Capitalist Corporatocracy which reduced humanity to nothing more than objects of exploitation for the capitalist machine.

We might take a step back and reconsider whether materialism is in fact reality. I suggest that it’s not; but again, this shouldn’t open the door to every manner of spiritual dogmatism. What’s interesting to me about this research is that it aligns with my own idiosyncratic spiritual views which have their roots in entheogen theory and panpsychism along with speculating a multidimensional universe with mechanisms involving processes such as involution and Bohms Implicate order ( how mind has possibly functioned through the eons).

I would speculate one step further though and suggest that universal mind doesn’t interact only with the brain, but also; in some unknown way, interacts with the gut and also via nano intelligence throughout the whole body. If this were true it would be the beginnings of a coherent view of subtle energies and how they may also interact with consciousness and universal mind. Dr. Meijer’s work aligns with my intuition that the fourth dimension is not time but rather an information field and that there exists a mind void or chasm which he refers to as an event horizon of a black hole. I would speculate that this is the Buddhist void and emptiness and I’ve speculated for many years that this is not the end-all and be-all of mind, but in fact a boundary or delineation of mind within the cosmic mindfield.

It would be true that I personally, via metaphysical speculation, and personal spiritual hypothesis, weave this into a traditional Gnostic philosophy which asserts some kind of mind Matrix/grid. I don’t deny that, but my Gnostic leanings are always framed within agnosticism and are not dogmatic assertions about reality. These leanings are also derived from careful consideration over a lifetime of The Jewish Question and whether this phenomenon is random chance. I also seek a coherent view of this phenomenon and find Gnosticism to be more reasonable than most other religious assertions on this particular issue–albeit there are materialist attempts at explaining it and I don’t outright dismiss this either–but they don’t align with the overall spiritual theme of my assessments.

If this ends up being true then we may be living in some kind of holographic projection and there may be a computer-like dimension where memory could be stored. This theory not only points to a coherent interpretation of mythological religion but could also in the future be the answer to the problems which plague micro and macro theories within science.

Haha, and just for fun: it could be possible if these dimensions exist that some of them are populated!

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