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Apparently, in antiquity, there were no words in any alphabet or language that would help God teach humanity about the shape of the earth; certainly, no words existed which would teach us in an unequivocal way so there could be no room for possible argument or interpretation! This is a FACT given the incredibly depressing ongoing argument about the shape of the earth in 2018–not to mention centuries of dispute about the shape of the earth throughout the past few millennia. It’s hard to fathom how the concepts of marble and pancake would be so incredibly difficult for an all-knowing God to explain, and I mean explain so there would be no possible room for misunderstanding flat or round at anywhere or anytime!

I would like to offer up some help to God! You see, God, round is spherical like a ball, and flat is like a pancake–these two objects should be able to show any human the conceptual difference between round and flat regardless of tribe or time circumstance! It’s hard for me to fathom that there were no words in antiquity that could teach humans the difference as far as these two concepts go, but that appears to be the case! It’s a fact that round things and flat things existed in antiquity so humans must have been able to conceptualize the difference; if a human held a rock in one hand 3000 years ago and a leaf in the other I’m sure there would have been a clear and unequivocal difference to the human holding these two objects and that words may have developed to explain the difference! But, apparently, this was too much to ask for!

I wonder if we could do an experiment and see if we can get a parent with about 120 IQ to see if they can explain the conceptual difference between flat and round to their five-year-olds. My money would be on the parent being able to explain the difference; and rather easily, which of course begs the question of why an adult human with limited 120 IQ can teach five-year-old children these concepts but an all-knowing God can’t teach adult humans about these two concepts in a way that would be unequivocal with absolutely no way to argue about this in any time or place.

Clearly, this should have been a no-brainer if any God of traditional religion existed! What can we deduce from this? The God of traditional religion doesn’t exist! Now interestingly enough, from a Gnostic perspective, this condition of absolute confusion on such a simple issue spanning millennia is evidence enough of a deceptive God existing! And to boot this God from the Gnostic perspective is responsible for the life eating life brutal existential condition that humanity finds itself in. Coincidentally, this organic condition has now been transferred into the field of human economics! Now if this were true and the demiurge had archons which policed this place then the mode of operation for the archons would be BULLSHIT! Non-stop endless contradictory BULLSHIT about pretty well everything! And this so humanity would be in a constant state of confusion and conflict! And lo and behold, guess what? That is the condition we find ourselves in on this planet! Oops, PLANE! Oops, no one bloody well knows! And that’s just fine with the demiurge!

Of course, it does beg the question of who created the demiurge and why doesn’t that God clear up the confusion? Well, from what I can tell the true God either wants nothing to do with this cursed creation, or the confusion surrounding these issues isn’t of much concern to it. I kind of waiver on this one. If Kristos was the Gnostic Aeon coming to confront an irredeemable physical dimension then it wouldn’t have been his concern–how to get out of this prison would have been what he taught. If Kristos and Sophia are able to salvage this corrupted universe then I suspect they would have avenues of dealing with this confusion; although so far this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Okay, okay, modern science has answered this question definitely and religion is just for retards! Well, sure, but science hasn’t been able to solve our most brutal existential dilemmas and I have many personal doubts that it will be able to do so.

That’s all for now while I muse on TOTAL CONTROL! Who wanted it and why?

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