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I’ll start this one by conceding that, yes, academia has been good at bringing us toilets and electricity with all its concomitant gadgets. I’ve no quarrel with that, but I have a list of grievances that I’ll post in point form below.

-my main point of contention is academia’s acceptance of predatory capitalism as rational. There is nothing rational about humanity acting like animals when it comes to economics; in fact, it’s a lowly evolved limbic system mode of operation. I’ve blogged on that here and here.

-academia’s dismissal of ALL spiritual hypotheses. I get that scientists wanted to be the new priests of modernity and they’ve certainly achieved that status technically but have failed miserably when it comes to ethics, IMO. There should have been alternatives to religious studies that focused more on empirical testing of spiritual claims and classes on alternative spiritual theories. It’s not entirely impossible that that is where the truth of existence is found anyway; so why would one want to close the door within that field of inquiry?

-the turning of education over to neoliberal corporate entities whose mode of operation are in fact fascistic in nature.

-the creation of debt slavery to get an education which is immoral and reprehensible by any reasonable standard but is coincidentally consistent with corporate fascism. I don’t believe in coincidence.

-the nearly complete omission of study on the pathology of fiat currencies and fractional reserve lending with their concomitant inflationary mechanisms; inflation that is unsustainable. The omission of a critique of the new way of creating currency via debt-induced loans which are also creating massive inflation bubbles. The near-complete non-existence of an alternative theory of sustainable economics that factors in current conditions of scale and population juxtaposed to ecological intelligence.

-the near worldwide non-existence (as far as I can tell) of a campus that is technologically green and non-polluting in every way from toilets to lighting to transportation and food production. An ecological test campus if you will. Does it exist? No, I don’t think so…why not?

Okay, then, that’s about all but that is far too much as it is!


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