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“around and around we go when it stops we don’t know; around the circle we suppose while the truth sits in the middle and knows” Andrewmarkmusic

Well, where do we begin? Oh, I know! We don’t know! All we can do is speculate while examining data and this is indeed what academies should be doing and it’s by in large a disgrace that they don’t study spirituality, or take the study of spirituality seriously especially in regards to verifying empirically (as much as that’s possible) humanities spiritual inheritance. That university has been divided into materialist and religious fundamentalist for-profit institutions is a travesty towards the nature of reality, IMO.

We do know that pretty well everything in the material world recycles; that the universe itself looks to be like a vast recycling machine. If consciousness in some way does survive death then it’s logically consistent, given the previously mentioned fact, that our consciousness is being recycled, too.

The worst thing to ever happen to the idea of reincarnation? Religious dogmatism contained within the structural control of any given society. To institute societal regimes premised on metaphysical speculation is hubris and ignorance along with a good dose of misanthropy.

This idea is inextricably bound with the concept of free will. I’m an incompatibilist and I believe that science is confirming that free will is, in fact, an illusion. Oh, yes, one can choose what they will have for breakfast this morning but these very limited choice mechanisms are universally inconsequential. This means that any religion that espouses the importance of free will is factually incorrect and are misdiagnosing the nature of reality. At any rate,  there is only one coherent theistic position on free will: incompatibilism… We are only here to try and understand why things happen the way they do and why it is we make the decisions we make. From a Gnostic perspective, we can only awaken to our very real condition within a very real Matrix (controlled by very real Archons of the Demiurge:)  Within that Matrix, the mind is embedded within will and representation. We do indeed have will and our minds make sense of this world via representation.

Within Christendom (and Islam, too), the notion of one strike and you’re out while either being brutally tormented forever or being rewarded with some kind of bizarre relationship with God somewhere (and this so-called victory over death only has a chosen few who win/is that really winning?), is inherently irrational and for that reason impossible. It also looks to be historic manipulation by the Roman Church fathers. Nevertheless, it’s never been conducive to the health of any esoteric mystics; in fact quite the contrary.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is probably one of the best reads on this topic. I would like to say, however, that if reincarnation were true, and if it turns out to be real it still wouldn’t tell us very much about the structure of ‘the reincarnation template’. As a Gnostic, I believe that The Archons control the template and that humanity is being manipulated within some kind of prison grid. This would mean that all your attachments of previous incarnations are real but they would also be unnecessary and the by-product of archonic manipulation. In some sense and as bizarre as this may seem a Flat Earth analogy might be helpful here: say the earth was really flat! Well, it wouldn’t tell us one bloody thing about who it was that created the flat earth. For all we know the God of a flat earth could be evil as !@#$! The point being is that when it comes to metaphysics everything is speculative. That aside, I think we also need to touch on the ego as it will help with explaining my position. What you believe to be you isn’t really real! And in part, this is also why free will is an illusion. I believe that we are really water drops in an infinite ocean of consciousness! But we do need to be careful with our speculations here. I think deism and panentheism will help me explain my thoughts on this matter. From the Gnostic perspective, we would borrow from both of these ideas. It would be true that God is ALL IN this material universe and that panpsychism is accurate (or a fair representation), but this condition is in fact, a fallen condition and the APEX of reality isn’t entirely responsible for what we find ourselves in. And it’s at this point I would invoke Deism in the sense that the apex of reality is completely transcended in relationship to this Matrix. All I’ll add for now is that within the Gnostic cosmology is the idea that the Aeons do have the ability to traverse these dimensional divides and that The Kristos is very much able to do so.

One final note on society and culture as it relates to these metaphysical concepts: the best model, IMO., for society is a healthy secular order and not theocracies. Unfortunately, today, we have an unhealthy secular order and toxic representations of religion which want power and control via theocracy. This situation is by no means good but is consistent with what we would expect if the Gnostic worldview were true.

Lastly, allow me some metaphysical speculation from the vantage point of 2018. 100-years ago most of the world’s population were using outhouses and various forms of fat or wax for lighting. Within 100-years we now have quantum supercomputing. Now the context of this is being able to imagine this society with technology which looks nothing like it does today, which might lead you to ask why we have the technology that we do have? I would answer that this isn’t random chance especially given the historical fact of ideas like The Akashic–from the vantage point of 2018 we can see that this ancient idea could very well have been pointing to a vast super-sophisticated universal memory mechanism. And this is what I believe we are dealing with and that this tech is no mere random accident; and that this computer is most likely the fourth dimension, a dimension where everything exists simultaneously and where the record of all things is stored (within this Matrix). I should note that the idea of a soul in the traditional sense is not something I believe in…Something else is going on…

This post will be a part of a series titled Total Control and you can find the first part here.


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