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We will need to clarify bullshit and then I’ll unpack this a little more. Here is a definition of B.S. (the most comprehensive I could find). But even there I couldn’t find what I think it really means within the context of this post: TOTAL DISREGARD FOR THE TRUTH WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH REALLY IS! And this my friends is what the archonic architects of this matrix do–and ceaselessly!
But first, we need to define truth as I understand it. God really does exist but not in any of the ways taught on this earth and this is most likely because no one really knows what God is although there are lesser manifestations of god who do serve truth and who probably have decent representations of what ‘it’ might be. In my estimation, Kristos and Sophia probably have a fairly good understanding of what the source may be, but trickled down from there the definitions become less and less accurate to the point of inane by those who rule this earth at this time.
Here are reasonable things a truly good God would never do:
-punish someone beyond measure.
-implement one strike and you’re out policies.
-act in a sadistic way.
-wipe someone’s memory and tell them they should learn without it.
-make an example of one of its offspring.
-set offspring against offspring in never-ending tribal ethnocentric conflict.
-use real-estate to make any kind of a spiritual point.
-set financial wealth as the measure of a person.
Okay, I could go on but that will suffice for now. By now you may be seeing that most everything that religion and spirituality and our power elite throw at us is a complete and utter disregard for goodness and truth! AND THIS IS THE CONDITION OF THE DEMIURGE MATRIX!
All of it: their religion, divine right to rule; New Age for sale spirituality; control of the money supply **(yes, crypto looks no different); control by usury; control of the state; control by corporate consumerism; control by endless media propaganda; control via corrupt educational academies; control via manipulation by the sports and entertainment complex; control via mass profiling via computer systems and websites; probable control of genetics; control of humanities food supply and energy infrastructures; control via pharmaceuticals; all of it designed to keep you a slave within the demiurge matrix and all of it pretty much brought to you by those who have a very good understanding of the truth but who bullshit ceaselessly to keep the truth hidden.
This does make us prisoners here within their slave cult of Saturnalia.
*Do I have the keys to getting out of their toxic grasp? No! Other than to just say no to all of the endless ceaseless bullshit! No, No, No!
I would say this though: there were those like The Essenes and The Amish who although probably machinations of The Archons did have the right idea: stay out of their systems of control as it’s a losing proposition when you consent to participate in their corrupt economic structures. I can testify to this– especially how coercive and manipulative they are when it comes to small independent proprietors! If you refuse their corporate control you become a target, and that’s a fact! They were not able to target me through the decade I remained outside of their systems (although they were still profiling), it was only when I came back that the targeting began in earnest via their 33-degree protocols of the lion (RBC and such). Now, true, we do have intention and will but we will only entangle ourselves further if we engage in their methodology which will only make us less free in the end. But I don’t give advice…None of my blogs do. Do what you will.
NOTE* I consider myself an agnostic gnostic.
NOTE** fiat was an elite pyramid scheme created in secret behind closed doors. Bitcoin looks to me to be the same thing and even more so now as it’s obvious it’s being used as a speculative piggy bank for the elites! I’m running low on KA$H! Okay, let’s speculate the market and drive it up; take our gains, and let it crash again until our decadent lifestyles insist on wash, rinse, repeat.
The demiurge control via astrological ages: Aries the Ram was Yahweh; Yeshua in Pieces; and now, in Aquarius; another false machination using Sun matrix metaphors.   
And BTW; for any system not to be toxic it needs to be voluntary and non-coercive. The Golden Rule if understood and implemented with proper understanding within the sphere of the trading of goods and services would set up such a system–right now we have an inversion of spiritual truth as it relates to the question of how humans should treat each other.
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