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We aren’t advanced enough as a species to declare that science as the study of objects is able to definitively assert the non-existence of a creator being. The truth is we are an infantile warring exploitive, coercive species led primarily by our reptilian inheritance. I see little hope for humanity until it implements and enacts higher frontal lobe behavior especially within the field of economics and ethics.

What science can do is deconstruct religious assertions and dogmas and it has done an admirable job at that, IMO. Here is what we know about the Abrahamic religions and to a lesser degree, other religious dogmas and I’ll do this in point form:

-the universe was not created about 6000 years ago.

-there has been no worldwide flood but there is mounting evidence for some type of cataclysm around 12,000 years ago.

-there is no archeological evidence for The Exodus.

-there is little evidence for the Grand Solomon Kingdom.

-there is minimal evidence for a historical Jesus and the specific events surrounding him. No other field of historical study would accept non-existent first-hand accounts of these myths. All accounts are well past the chronology of actual events and are second-hand contradictory narratives of said events. This is true of Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, and other religious icons, too. These figures may have existed as historical figures but the narratives surrounding them seem to be mainly myth and dogma.

-reason dictates that good parents don’t scapegoat their children; they don’t make examples of their children; they don’t set siblings against each other in millennia age bloody violent death marches. We know this about parenting for a fact! It’s indisputable what makes a good parent.

-good parents don’t dictate that you eat your children as punishment for wrongdoing (Leviticus).

-good judges don’t punish people unduly or unreasonably for a crime. Good reasonable judges consider all the evidence and circumstance and judge according to the principle of fairness.

-no reasonable person kills animals as an atonement for human sex acts. No rational person would do this.

-all evidence points to higher I.Q’s leading to the rightful abandonment of irrational and illogical religious assertions.

-all evidence is pointing to the probability that humans don’t have free will.

-all evidence points to the probability that there is next to zero efficacy of prayer and anything that does happen along this line is most likely coincidence.

-there is no evidence that quantum mechanics has anything to do with God per se.

-there is no evidence that meditation can tell you anything about the universe writ large as meditation is solely limited to the study of the mind and the human mind has limitations (see Immanuel Kant, et al). What I’m suggesting here is that meditation is a local phenomenon as far as we know.

Now, what there is and may be:

-there is evidence for the efficacy of yoga and meditation.

-there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence for the near-death experience.

-there is a mountain of data within the field of abduction and ufology but few of the researchers in this field take the data literally, or they wouldn’t assert definitively that E.T. is interacting with humanity in the popular folk sense. See John Mack and Jacques Vallee.

-there is interesting speculation within the field of subtle energies and morphogenic fields should be studied further, IMO. Along with ideas like involution and Bohm’s implicate order. This goes to teleology which as it stands is rightfully materialistic at this point, IMO, which doesn’t mean the materialists are correct; it means new theories and new study and data is needed.

Now, I’ll finish up by pondering whether God could still exist? Yes, indeed, IMO. Here are some ideas on how that could be:

-it’s possible there is a big lie among the elites about something but that big lie can’t contradict all of the aforementioned. A Flat Earth wouldn’t change archeology in the middle east within the last 5000 years, it doesn’t eradicate reason and logic either, IMO. Although true, it would alter considerably most of the above but it still wouldn’t tell us one damn thing about God! And for the record, I reject flat earth theory after a considerable investigation into the claims. If there is a big lie it’s about something else, IMO. Could it be that an overwhelming amount of people on this planet today are not human but rather angels or aliens in human form? If that were true it would be a fact that they are lying about who they are. If they are angels are they being instructed by God to lie about their identity? What else are they lying about? Does it account for all the contradictions within religion and the abysmal condition of civilization? Search out various Nephilim theories and then imagine that indeed, your particular religious tradition has been THOROUGHLY tainted by them; that they use religion to control humanity.

-that God although existent is simply not relevant to humans and that humanity is dealing with lesser manifestations. I call these archons and as a Christian Gnostic, I believe that this is what we are dealing with. Unlike most other religions this particular narrative is congruent with science, rationality, logic, and the historical record; or non-historical contradictory record within this context. Please consider that this earth is a monster cosmic meat grinder with two humans dying on average per second and where life eats life to survive. Please note the fact that everything you love and care about here will be taken away from you. This condition is completely consistent with Gnostic cosmology and the speculative assertion of a demiurge. Please note also that most all religionists have transferred this brutal exploitive animal condition into their economic models. Something that should never have happened if religion were true, sincere, and honest, but is consistent with religion being a primary control mechanism of lying archons.

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