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This is a question I’m posing to all the oligarch capitalists of both the left and the right (did you not know that capitalism/communism is an elite psyop?) who are sucking up the wealth of the commons at an unprecedented rate. This type of capitalist neoliberal economic fascism is bankrupting enormous amounts of people and marginalizing many more through its built-in inflation, taxes, and ubiquitous usury. Now I know the bankers are chomping at the bit with my idea here but whoa there comrades! We are going to have to unpack this a little.
Most people today will be broke by the time they reach 100 so I’m wondering what the market will say as far as renewing a centurion’s skills? How long should seniors enroll for and how much debt should they take on? And what kind of jobs will be available to them when they reach 104 or 110 if they go for the full meal deal of a Ph.D.?
We needn’t bother ourselves as to whether its ethical to ask 100-year old people to compete with 20-year olds as capitalism isn’t concerned with such trivial distinctions! If it’s meat in the capitalist grinder than gosh darn it grandpa pull up your bootstraps and get on with it and prove yourself!
I guess if I have a critique of grandpa it’s that he never bothered to unblock his chakras and get in alignment with the law of attraction which is now about the only way to have any success in the free market run by mafia casino owners who have loaded the deck so much in their favor that yes, indeed, gramps is just a loser! Moreover, it was really silly of him not to embrace the obvious spiritual truth about life as espoused by Hinduism whose caste system says that gramps gets what he deserves anyway!
Now you would think religion would take care of gramps but religion is so intent on filling the pockets of its preachers that gramps will be lucky if he gets a tent in the churches backyard! Besides, we know religion is a myth and social economic Darwinism is sufficient to explain everything and we know under that model what happens to the old and the weak! We also know Christianity today only has one purpose and that is the fetishization of everything Israel! So it really is up to the comrades at the central bank to save grandpa by offering .000000666666% interest on his new and approved student loan!
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