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So, I’ve said that history is like swiss cheese when it comes to religious historical figures. It’s become quite clear that all the religious icons of the earth’s religions are next to non-existent as far as an honest inquiry into historical fact. All we have are oral traditions thousands of years old; this goes especially for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and to a lesser degree Hinduism and Buddhism. Not one of these sages wrote a book authored by themselves that stated clearly and unequivocally the nature of reality. I’ve pointed out that they couldn’t even get across the difference between a pancake and a marble as recent flat earth theory testifies too.

Nevertheless, I’m not arguing that all these tribes didn’t exist, they did; they had in some cases well developed religious theories such as Zoroastrian and Vedic writings but definitive texts clearly delineating the historicity of the primary actors are non-existent. This is a fact. By the way, Egypt had some of the most clearly defined religious traditions and this is also a fact! It’s also a fact that Israel is Egyptian/Caananite Gods and Goddesses and it’s here we can get a clue about what is going on with religion.

We do have to speculate within Christian Gnostic theory, though, which states that religion is the control machination of the demiurge archons who today rule the earth via their financial empires but are in the process of reestablishing their traditional religious authority. I’ve speculated that this will end with the New Messiah who will rule ethnonational nation-states via Je (RUSSIA)(USA) lem and implement THE NOAHIDE LAWS which will be accepted by all religious believers on the planet out of reaction to the chaos and moral decline and corruption of modernity. We see their symbolism within all the financial empires of the world and it seems that the financial system is patterned on Christian esoteric symbolism as I’ve pointed out in my KA$H posts. Interestingly enough on this theme, we see at 56:28 of the linked video the first mention of the prophet within the black hole of that period and it’s inscribed on money!

I should note that my particular Nephilim theory could still be true as long as we concede that these angels control ALL religion and that all religion is their B.S. means of controlling their hybrid creations. So no religion would be correct under this possibility as the truth about God and existence has been intentionally obscured by these angels who are either in rebellion against God or are being instructed by God to lie about who they are (see The Book of Job for evidence of God’s extremely bizarre behavior); these speculations don’t change the fact of the non-existence of supportive facts within the historical record when it comes to Judaism and its children.

This does leave us with modern E.T. theory as speculation but I’ve no experience with E.T. anecdotally (I have a ton of spiritual experience) but we should put on our critical thinking caps here and see that E.T. is primarily an invention of modern Hollywood. This should give us pause for consideration as to the legitimacy of these claims. I’m in no way denying the possibility of these claims but it’s my experience and opinion that humanity is dealing with angels in human form who have total control over civilization via weather control, finance, religion, food, mass profiling especially via social media, mind perception; they control everything including who owns land and are very much like what is depicted in the television show Westworld. These are our archons!

This post was inspired by the video below which argues my position on Islam and religion in general.

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