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These are some musings on where humanity took wrong turns in the last 30-years. It could easily be argued that the root of these problems stem from policies ushered in about 100-years ago and I may mention some of those issues but will mainly deal with recent trajectories. So, in point form and no particular order:

-when people playing games with balls began to make more in a year than honest working people make in a lifetime. The Corporatocracy is cunningly brilliant and this was one of their primary moves as far as manufacturing consent. The same issue infects the entertainment industries in general.

-when homes became speculative ventures which drove the prices up to the point where most people now can’t afford to own and if they can afford to own their lives are a lifetime of stress and debt.

–I’d say 911 was the day that any trust left within society evaporated. It’s obvious to any thinking person that that day is mired in lies and deceit and the scale of the lies and deceit has led to the breakdown of trust within society and that trust has now been replaced by endless propaganda whether Flat Earth Theory or YouTube economic philosophical shills; or even platforms like Steemit and Minds where their algorithms are set up to promote vacuous propaganda…Money buying popular opinion. And, yes, one can still have a voice on these platforms but it’s generally drowned out by the monied shills and their backers.

-I’d have to talk about where crypto went wrong. I first heard of Bitcoin in 2011 and immediately intuited what it could be: a replacement to the corrupt fiat/fractional system with its endless unsustainable inflation, taxation, and usury. My initial hopes have been smashed although it was always a long shot that the Cabal, which has spent the past 500-years setting up this system, would roll over and let a punk upstart usurp its hegemony. Crypto is now firmly embedded within Wall St. and controlled by its speculators. It hasn’t and will not change anything for the better as far as systemic corruption within the system. The only issue left within this field of inquiry is the outcome of decentralization which will end up being the largest profiling and tracking system in the known universe. The hopes of crypto were dashed as far as being a tool for systemic change within ten years (Bitcoin did not and will not become a replacement for fiat) and I see no evidence that decentralization will change the system for the better. I’ve given the benefit of the doubt here that Satoshi wasn’t CIA and that is by no means a given.

-the government was taken over by corporate and financial elites who now own it and use it to do their bidding and desires. Any pretense of democracy is just that and all there is a façade of legitimacy when in fact government looks more like mafia cartels with its endless corruption, meanness, and schisms. We should note that this mafia-like template has corrupted the courts and justice which now serve only the interests of the monied elites. All government policy is now in the business of transferring wealth to a tiny elite who are vacuuming up the wealth of the commons at an unprecedented rate. This is a government and economy which is geared towards serving about 20% of the monied classes while abandoning and dismissing the concerns of the majority.

-higher education became primarily a means of income for the banking elites. A truly devastating and despicable gambit. This debt bubble will not end well. Rather than admit and deal with this corrupt implementation within higher education the academies have sent out disinformation agents like Jordan Peterson who are only there to create a distraction and to muddy waters while arguing for the continuation of the status-quo.

-to destroy traditional white Christian culture while all other cultures remain homogeneous for the benefit of Israeli delusions; for the benefit of propping up leftist political spheres of influence; for the benefit of creating corporate customers and low-paid employees; and for creating new debt slaves for the Banksters…Well, what can one really say about the idiocy of these tactics? This will not end well either, IMO.

None of these current machinations are examples of progressive evolution or positive structural change; in fact, they appear to be the workings of chaotic disintegration and again, I’m not seeing anything which makes me think this will end well. Now, if these past 30-years are concatenations of previous gambits and maneuvering of the elites then there very well may be an end-game. The United-Nations recently held a summit on the implementation of worldwide Noahide Laws and this possibility links all of the above to metaphysics which goes back to antiquity; nothing here is happening via random chance but everything is a dialectic towards an endgame and once again the Jewish people are front and center of all these controversies.

We should note that there are FOUR PRIMARY NEEDS for humans: shelter, food, education, and healthcare. The above highlights negative influence with two of these primary needs–homes and education, but these elites are also busy manipulating humanities food supply and big pharma has a firm grip on what has become healthcare so all FOUR areas are being targetted negatively by the EL-ites. 

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