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Here is a link to the original tech hippies who recently have conceded that they’ve created a monster! Well, isn’t that surprising! NOT!

Well, I guess we have to start with a conspiracy. Pretty well everything is a planned psyop cover story these days so following that line of thinking we could suggest rather amusingly that there were not any tech hippies that created the internet; but rather, they are a fiction of the military-industrial complex which is more or less run by Israel and its allies–interesting story but complete–you guessed it! Bull-Shit! These archons B.S. about pretty well everything now:D Oh, yes, Israel and its allies: The Jesuits, The Freemasons, and certain houses within Islam.

And Jeremy Rifkin and his ilk are going to create an internet of things wherein everything is free! FREE DAMNIT! Yeah, right…The promise of a techno-utopia in some vain-imaginative future. The fact of the matter is that there was abundance for everyone on this planet 100-years ago and there still could be but the systems of unnecessary exploitation and coercion that these nut jobs (archons) have set up prevent such a thing from happening. And humanity keeps buying their Dr. Frankenstein B.S. decade after decade after decade.

Of course, now we have the endless shilling for crypto which is an obvious extension of the 500-year central banking psyop. Yup, crypto was created in secret; it is controlled by a covert cabal; it is a pyramid scheme, and like fiat is incredibly complex in its machinations…AKA–more BULL-SHIT! Or, bullshit piled higher and deeper:D

Added to that mess we get the Cabals minions on the left constantly declaring that humans are nothing more than frisky dirt which implies and reinforces the idea that these EL-ites are just good ole-whack job, humans! And not the spiritual archons in human form that they really are which is consistent and logical speculation for why they constantly act like lunatics! Yup, it’s all just Darwinian dirt!

Be wary, very very wary of promises of a future love utopia from those who are practicing rape today!

So, at any rate…oh, yes, the internet! How similar it sounds to something written in the Vedas thousands of years ago: The Akashic! And coincidentally, after about 15-billion years and millions of years of human development, we quite suddenly and on an incredible scale go from lighting our outhouse with animal oil to quantum computers within 100-years! It’s one hell of a coinky-dinky! You see, in a universe that is teeming with life and that springs from an unfathomable intelligence (no, this isn’t an excuse for irrational religious dogma/and you guessed it–bull-shit) it would be entirely consistent that this type of thing would happen–that there would be both positive and negative actors involved isn’t so unfathomable either especially given the dualistic nature of this place.

Oh, yes, the internet? Ban advertising and make it a user-pay system. Not that that would really stop the current trajectory of a very well planned agenda but one can’t change anything if one doesn’t try. And yes, yes, all you decentralized crypto crazies: make the internet decentralized and fuelled by crypto! Put a complete ban on Edward Bernays’ way of going about manipulating humanity for these El-ites! We don’t need no thought control!


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