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We should start with a definition and some context. Here is the Urban Dictionary definition.

This is a conspiracy post. There’s plenty of other posts where we can argue things like The Ontological Argument; The Transcendental Argument; The Argument from Design; etc…In other words, whether humans are alone here in a vast indifferent material cosmos–this post is predicated on the belief that humans are not the only players on this earth and we can further extrapolate from this claim that there is far more going on here than the materialist will be willing to concede, although honesty has to frame these ideas a speculation.

A note here for Christians. Theories espoused here would only need Christian’s to consider two primary ideas: 1) that the Old Testament God was not and is not the Father of the Christ. 2) That Genesis 6 and the implications of The Nephilim Theory reverberate to this day and that the hybrid offspring of the Nephilim today control all religion with its associated deception, bullshit, and high fuckery–yes, mainstream Christianity is a part of the fuckery! Of course, there is more to it than that, but that will suffice for the moment.

I’ll add a point form list of things that I consider fuckery or High Fuckery at the end of this post but here are a few examples to get us started. September 11, 2001, became the day when incredibly brazen crimes were solved on the tell-lie-vision within an hour of them happening. The same could be said for The Las Vegas Shooting which was more or less solved on The Ellen Show! I don’t know what happened in Las Vegas but anyone who took any time whatsoever to look closely at all the video and pictures of the crime scene the next morning would notice one peculiar thing: there was next to zero damage! Tents in pristine condition, glass, buildings, etc., all showing zero signs of the kind of damage consistent with high-powered rifles being fired at material that is easily damaged: High Fuckery! Here is a link to what a machine gun does to concrete let alone tents. I’m not into debating this issue as picture evidence can easily be doctored today. At the time, though, I did investigate–as much as that is possible for a layperson–as much video and picture evidence as possible and saw very little physical damage to any property–certainly no damage consistent with the scale of the official narrative.

One word that is useful for describing what it is that we are living in from The Christian Gnostic perspective is the WOMB–which is translatable to Matrix. The word itself has associations with the word fuck–as in sex, or Big Bang! The Gnostic view is that we’ve been High Fuckeried into existence! Or, something like that, but it’s a useful analogy within this context–oh, Sophia, what have you done? The Gnostic view espouses as speculation that Archons–celestial beings who can take human form–control this womb or matrix. This isn’t altogether different from the previously mentioned Nephilim Theory, although, in this context, the metaphysics of religion and god are quite different compared to normative religious interpretations. Yes, it’s here you’ve been given a hint at how ‘they’ do what they do and get away with it–because ‘they’ are not what they appear to be.

I think it would be fair to say, then, that from this perspective humanity is experiencing what could accurately be described as a Mind-Fuck! To do this on the scale that is happening today requires Total Control of the human mind–Government; in coordination with a Trans-National Corporatocracy, aligned with a political structure wherein a tiny group of El-ites oversees the pyramid of civilization from its peak–this is the oligarchic plutocracy, and this indeed, is what we are living under. It’s this structure and its associations and propaganda, along with the theorized Archonic overseers who are capable of pulling off the incredible amount of High Fuckery that the earth and its people’s are experiencing today. BTW., this was happening on the night of The Las Vegas shooting at The Royal Albert Hall in London–got to love the Cult of 33! Or, not…and I definitely sit in the or not camp.

Just a note on materialism juxtaposed to my Gnostic view. Nihilism is inevitable if materialism is true–at some point everything becomes meaningless! The best we could do here if materialism is true is an existential philosophy–something like as espoused by Kierkegaard. The Gnostic view I hold although somewhat terrifying from the perspective of the dark womb ultimately offers humanity the hope of the lighted womb. We would, however, have to be honest in our speculations and not violently transgress the processes and faculties of logic and reason–it’s here where we can dismiss most normative religious claims which are dishonest, irrational, and illogical. I should also note that I’m not a fan of elevating phenomenology over and above ontology, cosmology, and metaphysics. If the yogis want to say the word science in relation to yoga and meditation then there have to be mechanisms of demonstrating, verifying, and falsifying inner claims about the nature of reality. This simply hasn’t happened to my knowledge. Has it? Let’s ask Dan Dennett, Sam Harris, or Richard Dawkins if the Yogi’s have demonstrated the burden of proof–and I say this as a theist and a believer in panpsychism–but, I frame it honestly–as speculation. Any other framing today is, you guessed it–fuckery!

The list:

-creating an endless money machine via usury which has given those at the top of the pyramid incredible advantages over everyone else–sheer high fuckery!

-911. Incredible high fuckery.

-Las Vegas shooting. Definitely fuckery! (this does not mean every episode of violence is a false flag).

-the return of religion since 911 and the dismantling of secularism. Fuckery.

-mass immigration into traditional white western cultures. Fuckery! This doesn’t mean all immigration is bad–what matters is the intent.

-the sports and entertainment EL-ite making more in a year than most working people will make in a life. Fuckery!

-unending inflation rates which will make paupers out of 90% of the population within 100-years. Fuckery. The Hunger Games isn’t the best future available.

-political correctness. Fuckery.

-The New Age Movement–or what I call The Department of Neoliberal Spiritual Propaganda. Fuckery!

-labeling all those critical of Israel as Nazi’s. Fuckery!

-the history of the Jews. Fuckery! Over 100-years of archeology and scientific knowledge about the cosmos renders the narrative in The Torah as plain wrong.

-I’ve yet to assess crypto fully but it has all the hallmarks of High Fuckery!

-Flat Earth Theory. Fuckery!

Please feel free to add anything that you consider either fuckery of High Fuckery in the comment section.

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