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I was talking to the carpenter at work today about societal control and voilà; I surfed upon the video below, a timely example of it in the Korean music industry. It’s a feedback loop where what humans are and need are dictated by a corporate machine and the stars that front it–you’re told what it is you are by the machine and directed (mind-controlled) into consuming what they sell. This is our state-run future and it is what I predicted 20-years ago: the complete synthesis of capitalism and communism installed by no other than Wall St. corporate thinking itself. The efficiency of the Asian mind creates it’s own unique brand of hell though. To differing degrees, it happened in the west too with the likes of Edward Bernays and the Fabian Society who controlled the western mind via the media and entertainment complex.

In the west, these societies needed to direct people into being servants of the corporate financial machine and it needed to be done covertly and in such a way that no one would be aware that they were being programmed. The collectivism of the far east meant that the archons there could be brazen in their control of populations. Either way, though, the cumulative effect of the programming led to the dehumanization of populations with concomitant toxic competitiveness. All of this social construction via the state was premised on subversive and also overt coercion and exploitation of populations for the benefit of the financial El-ites.

It isn’t any wonder that the internet has generated mass distrust of these political/economic systems as it reveals their machinations on mass. Combine this with the obvious fuckery of JFK and 911 with its unending corporate warfare and it’s no surprise that millions are questioning the legitimacy of government within groups like the flat earth society and various political anarchic organizations. In disrepute also are the academies which were complicit in the mind-control; add in the cynicism of billionaires living decadent lives while screaming that we’re all going to die from pollution! Societal decay and disintegration being the inevitable result of such treachery.

911 brought with it the IDOL format for music and endless reality shows like survivor promoting a skewed vision of Darwinism as a means to justify economic dominance by the controlling El-ite. But the control from Hollywood started long before as that culture was in large part created as a type of mass mind-control–they just refined and doubled-down come to the turn of the century. Nothing new there…

I’ve said for a long time that the inertia combined with the scale and velocity of this 500-year locomotive of capitalism is unstoppable. The best anyone individual can do is try and escape it either by themselves or in small groups. There will be no reform and revolution would be catastrophic because of the scale involved.  It’s truly a clusterfuck!

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