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This is a very rare video where a prof. (I’m not sure of his name) talks explicitly about the Gnostic view as compared to Platonist Nonduality. Very much worth the viewing time. I would only say that the first part of the expose on nonduality is spiritual speculation when viewed from a modern materialist perspective. And it’s here I make my only crucial point: there is really no way to know or demonstrate this metaphysics in any empirical or objective way! Hence, I would argue that it’s speculative metaphysics. In my opinion, this leaves the door open for a neo-gnostic interpretation of reality framed within the limits of logic and reason–this is my spiritual endeavor.

Which leads me to the YouTube channel 0ThouArtThat0…

I first ran across Matt on the site Zaadz around 2006 and always found him to be an excellent thinker. In this video, he simplifies what modernity is and what post-modernity is (the philosophy of the subject) and offers up an Integral view of where humanity needs to go next. I share his panpsychist view and am sympathetic to his panentheistic nonduality and process philosophy. But, and it’s an important but, this view is very much spiritual speculation.


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