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     Oh, yes, make no mistake about it: money or what I call the God KA$H is a religion! 

Most religions have a chosen few or those granted privileged access; the religion of money is no different. Those who control the printing presses of currency are the chosen of the money religion and this has given them incalculable privileged access to the world’s wealth: they are known as the 1- percent. These are the hi-priests of the God KA$H...Please look carefully at the logo of The Royal Bank with the lion wrapped around the earth. Those with eyes to see will understand the meaning of this.

In religion, you are taught that you must suffer a lifetime of indignities, but you will be rewarded at a future date; the same is true for the 99% who will never see KA$H heaven in this life, but will live in servitude and enslavement to the monied EL-ites for their entire life and like some religions it is claimed that this toxic relationship is one of karma and destiny–of course, that is sheer unadulterated bull-shit of the high priests of KA$H. Nowhere is this truer than in the crypto sphere as the uninitiated are promised that one day Bitcoin will ‘go to the moon!’ Of course, the odd time the money masters speculate the crypto sphere and spike the coins it’s usually manipulated in such a way that they reap all the rewards of the God KA$H

In western theism, one generally doesn’t have to do anything to be a part of the chosen and this is true in the religion of KA$H: unimaginable amounts of unmerited wealth are occupied by the El-ites with all the same fervor and conviction the righteous feel in traditional religion. SAVED BY THE GRACE OF THE KA$H PRINTING PRESSES! Amen! And did you know that Amen is said at the end of every Christian prayer? Yes, the Egyptian religion with its obelisks situated within most of the world’s financial centers is no coincidence; nor is the name IS-RA-EL…Or, the all-seeing MON-EYE (money) of the fiat (by force) currency of the U.S. petrodollar–no coinkydinky, no sir!

In religion the unbelievers are reviled and persecuted and blamed for their unsaved status; nothing could be more similar than that when it comes to the religion of the God KA$H. The poor starving masses deserve their condition because they are cast out of the inner circle. The money masters create fairy tales like The Law of Attraction with its blame the victim mentality. They say enlightenment is purely an individual pursuit and no one has any responsibility to others or the collective good of society or nature–the enlightened within the cabal of the God KA$H are solely responsible to themselves and because they are capitalists they are the chosen few who are able to escape the misery of the unjust religion of the God KA$H–this is known as esoteric fascism.

In religion, we see the idea of the tithe but the equivalent in the religion of KA$H is usury! USURY is adored and defended vehemently (and venomously) by the high priests of the cult of KA$H! There is no other mechanism which ensures the status-quo of the El-ites than usury–it is the crowning achievement of their worldwide religion.

Concomitant with the rise of the God KA$H is the fetishization of objects and the reducing of the infidels to mere objects of financial exploitation. The sports and entertainment EL-ites have been converted and now ‘evangelicalize’ the worship of objects and have placed incredible amounts of value on games wherein these new El-ites make more in a year than most of the infidels will make in a lifetime of hard work…

Of course, in true WWF style, the religion of the God KA$H in recent history has given us the tag team apologists for this new cult: wait for it! Are you ready ladies and gentlemen to be awed by the astounding Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson sideshow? Yah-way, baby!!!


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