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This post will explore a problem getting more and more out of control as the stakes of civilization become a power trip of winner take all or nothing; and yes, this view is consistent with the real mafia takeover of civilization in the past 100-years, but especially under neoliberal rule which ended in another worldwide mafia oligarchy.

There are varying degrees and scales of damage and these differences should be acknowledged; although all are entirely destructive to those involved, even when the scale is diminished to 3-people.

The first instance of this would be within the nuclear family where a spouse (most often a male) is molesting or abusing a child and the wife knows and remains silent out of fear usually associated with Stockholm Syndrome. To a lesser degree, we see codes of silence within extended family units which are not linked to sexual deviancy but other types of dubious behavior within extended family units–protection of the family unit from public ridicule is often the motivation here.

We see this in adolescence behavior especially at the high school level where in-groups commit acts of aggression against alien minorities. This type usually goes unacknowledged unless someone is caught in a particular act of aggression.

The police are infamous for this as officers easily lose their careers or more when trying to out corrupt associates. In a somewhat associated way, we see this behavior most pronounced within criminal mafia culture–the reasons for this is somewhat more obvious in this instance.

This is now a real problem in places like Hollywood as the Harvey Weinstein case demonstrates.

Where this starts to get really problematic is when tribalism gets mixed in with religious and political economic ideology which is usually accompanied by extreme prejudice and fanaticism. We’ve seen this play out in numerous atrocities throughout history and it’s by no means strictly associated with western theism. The Zen monks in Japan during WWII became fascist to the core although it’s true that Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are ripe with this behavior throughout the millennia.

Esoteric spirituality is also ripe with this type of phenomenon, especially within cults. But the longest and most persuasive cults here that have had the most profound influence over civilization is within the alliance between a sect of Jews aligned with Freemasons aligned with Jesuits aligned with certain houses within IslamThe whopper of all codes of silence!

We are also seeing this happen to a lesser degree with smaller in groups like the LBGTQ who in some cases are waging covert wars against perceived enemies and believe me I know exactly what I’m talking about here. In part, there is collusion with the radical left and SJW movements although these groups are quite ‘noisy’ so the silent part here is more subtle.

A newer example of this is within gambling culture tied to wagering within the social media sphere. Those who own platforms and who have lowly developed moral and ethical codes are certainly capable of this type of behavior motivated by power and adrenaline kicks. The primary motivation here is the money involved in wagering. The damage from codes of silence happening within mega-corporations like Google and Facebook are incalculable.

Haha, yesterday I forgot to add the mother lode of ALL conspiracy of silence! The 5-hundred million (see the Georgia Guidestones about how I arrived at this number) archon/angel/nephilim/alien/e.t. beings who now have 99.999999% control of the earth and its peoples…Yes, this is the REAL conspiracy; although, of course, it can never be proved because they control everything–they would have to show their true identities for this speculation to be confirmed which would end their conspiracy of silence about who they are. Here is an earlier blog where I muse on this issue. Ever wonder how they did and got away with 911 and many similar atrocities?

Here is an Urban Dictionary definition. Wiki is woefully inadequate on this as there is only a small mention of the code of silence within law enforcement.

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