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Which is to say that Kino is extraordinarily flexible! Incredible so starting @49 seconds…But what does this mean as far as metaphysics?

                                        Well, I shall try and delve into that in this post:)

I will first start by saying this isn’t an attack on Kino or Yoga per se. This post in an inquiry into the nature of truth and reality. I’ve touched on this issue before in The Gumby Protocols post where an incredibly flexible Eric Dubay insists that the earth is flat–it isn’t, but my point is that yoga and flexibility prove nothing about metaphysics unless it could demonstrate something more than flexibility. One of the things I’ve suggested is that a new type of university be set up that studies objectively and as unbiased as possible ALL the claims of the worlds religious traditions. One experiment I would like to see done is the phenomenon of levitation repeated and demonstrated (under controlled conditions). If a yogi can defy the laws of physics it should be repeatedly demonstrable! I’ve pointed out in other posts that in a somewhat ironic way it’s science and not mysticism that has demonstrated levitation with trains like the Maglev.

The most important reason why I keep coming back to this issue is that of the philosophical question of how shall we live? There is no theocracy I’m comfortable living under even after considering all the evidence of religion for 40-years and believe me the yogis would want a theocracy if we allowed them full reign to do whatever they wanted when it comes to civilization. In my opinion, this would once again be disastrous for humanity and especially women and children and the poor who’ve suffered untold indignities for millennia based on the speculative metaphysics of yogi’s. We should also consider how this type of theocracy would meld with Judaism and it’s millennia-old obsession with ushering in a worldwide Messiah who in this age would rule via the Noahide Lawslaws given to someone who arguably never existed! Does anyone else see the extraordinary dangers of civilization being ruled by mystical delusion? 

This leaves us with the question of who is ruling civilization now? Is it healthy secularists? Definitely not! Should it be? DEFINITIVELY YES! Who, then, is ruling now? By enlarge, it is two groups: toxic atheists similar to the likes of Stalin who have ushered in corporate oligarchy and a long-standing Cabal of a sect of Jews aligned with Freemasons aligned with Jesuits aligned with certain houses within Islam who have ushered in a worldwide religion of money which has ushered in The Age Of Usury. I’ll get into all the different aspects of usury in an upcoming post, but for now; I’ll say that as the EL-ite vacuum up the money supply it leaves a hole for the masses which was filled by the modern credit system–oh, you have no money because we’ve sucked it all up? Well, here, we have the solution: borrow this money created by keystrokes at incredible amounts of interest. 

                                                                    Modern-day slavery!!!


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