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Oh, where to begin? The issue of a worldwide economic system built upon the foundations of usury can never be successfully criticized as long as the central bankers can argue (correctly) that the average human today lives better than 12-century kings. These people are far from dumb! I think it’s also fair to say that those who benefit and gain the most advantage from usury are probably the last to be critical of it.

That aside, this post (or series of posts) will argue that a worldwide economic system built upon usurious ideologies is unsustainable in large part because built into the usurious system is inflation which cannot be sustained within an ecology of limits or limits to growth within finite biological and physical systems.

The net result of this age is that ALL policy is geared towards one perspective: will it be good for the system of usury and those who have a monopoly on it? Let’s look at the idea called a basic income. Under a worldwide system of usurious money lending, the basic income economy could never be allowed as it would interfere with a primary concern of the money lenders: the poor masses may not have to borrow as much and that couldn’t be tolerated; in fact, it must never be allowed to happen! No, the truth is any kind of feasible minimum income scheme is anathema under the current model and that’s why it would never be implemented–period.

A brief overview of what money is and should be. Simply put money is only a means of exchange.  Under a healthy economic system, this is all it would ever be allowed to be. Under a usurious system money, itself becomes a commodity and something to be monopolized and hoarded. Built into such a system is the immediate advantage this system gives to those who have a monopoly on the control of the commodity itself–and this is exactly what’s happened in late-modernity. This was the modus operandi of worldwide neoliberalism and the backlash against it was met with a cynical reaction by the financial elite: you don’t like neoliberalism? Well, then, we give you Trump! Trying to cure the disease with the infection and we all know homeopathy is pseudo-science–or, we should know this. I’m not saying the billionaires are of one mind and undivided, but we would have never gotten this far into their schemes and machinations if they weren’t much more than less in alignment. Moreover, manufacturing WWIII wouldn’t mean they are fractured as the last century saw the Cabal manipulating most everything from behind the scenes and warfare simply camouflaged their agendas.

As this century plays out we’ll most likely see this cynical reactionism among the elites as they double-down on their usurious system and not let it die a natural and needed death. I predict that almost every metric and means (mass profiling) would target every human for what would cause them the most debt. This would also be why universal healthcare would be anathema as nothing creates the need for money more than being sick or disabled and let me assure you the moneylenders will have the lines of credit waiting for you as planned; but, of course, there will also be the meaner response: cut off all credit and wager on the desperation that will ensue on mass making the crash of ’29 look like a picnic at Central Park–the sheer pathology of such modes of behavior is nearly unfathomable and in my view cannot be reconciled with a strict naturalist Darwinian view except for under one scenario: the alien natural E.T. co-opting/colonization of the earth which would mean religions celestial metaphysics aren’t the only part of humanities circumstances.

In my New Earth Commons post, I argue similarly to Aristotle that the basic needs of humanity shouldn’t be open to unnecessary coercion and exploitation. I’ve also argued that there is a lack of creativity in doing so. I suggest four areas where capitalists have to learn to stay out of if we are to survive within this present civilization and further that this is really a boundary issue and unhealthy people have unhealthy boundaries (it’s also an ego issue as well as a potential multidimensional issue and we’ll explore those areas as this series expands). What I basically suggest here is a bifurcation of the economy into a capitalist commercial economy and a steady-state basic needs economy and I see this as a sane compromise between the divided brain (not to mention Marx and Smith)and its concomitant economic structures. I should note that this isn’t a contradiction as the brain is divided but when working optimally there is a non-pathological cohesion or holistic synthesis–this is what this model would hope to replicate.

The next post in this series will explore human labor as it directly corresponds to usurious financial systems.

Note:* anyone who denies that there are many things that capitalism is very good at isn’t dealing with reality.

I should also note here that this series isn’t an endorsement of historical religion near all of which I consider bullshit although I’m not a materialist or a Marxist.

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