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This post assumes one would be familiar with Carl Jung’s ideas on the shadow; it especially is directed at the Integral Inc. community; whom, IMO, is not really grokking the most important aspect of the idea and process: HONESTY! Yes, I shall unpack that claim.

Firstly, here is the Wiki on the Integral movement. Second: this post is a response to a video linked here where Jeff Salzman is talking about Jordan Peterson with a few other commentators.

And now my most salient points: Integral is RELIGION and Integral Inc., as far as I can see, are not very forthright in conceding that fact. I might even add that it’s a somewhat dogmatic religion as those who question the tenets of faith are often shunned–a usual mode within dogmatism. Allow me to explain: the religion espoused in Integral Inc. is the eastern philosophy of non-duality. The fact of the matter is that non-duality is one among millions of spiritual philosophies within the history of humanities religious thought. It is in no way objectively demonstrable and like all religion is founded upon what’s called in philosophy metaphysical speculation. Generally, this religious idea denies an eternal personal creator who is transcendent to the material world and ultimately replaces that creator with humanity being able to attain God status. It should be noted that there is zero evidence in the history of religion of any person demonstrating God-like qualities–no human has ever been able to create life, etc… But the main point is that most integrals’ deny and are dishonest about what non-duality is: metaphysical speculation. I should note that within Vedic tradition are schools like Dvaita which theorize dualistic ideas about God which are more in line with how I see things as a Christian Gnostic.

The misrepresentation of science in the community is appalling. To my understanding, there is no science that has demonstrated any kind of God or teleology. In fact, quite the opposite, and in spite of that fact, Integral Inc., behaves (as a matter of everyday fact)– that science has proved spiritual metaphysics–nothing could be further from the truth as far as I can see. Again, the point is that Integral Inc. are dishonest about this and that is very poor shadow work indeed. An honest assessment of science today would only lead one to venture into the philosophy of science and speculate as theory (not fact) various ideas about metaphysics. String Theory does this although I don’t personally buy it as framed although that’s not relevant to this post.  Q.M. is a thorny branch of science that in no way, as far as I can tell, demonstrates spirituality; in fact, quite the opposite. But this is the most complex area of physics and beyond the scope of this post. Now, I might add, that I subscribe to panpsychism but I hold that view as a matter of speculation and not FACT. I’m also a theist (Gnostic) and think God is completely transcendent to this hell hole we live in–yes, Elvis left the building, but, again, that is sheer personal speculation on my part. Yes, God still sends its messengers into this shitshow:D

The most problematic area of obfuscation and duplicity is in the arena of politics and economics. Integral Inc. should perhaps be known more honestly as the mouthpiece for corporate neoliberalism backed and financed by the corrupt practices of the banking cartels who are directly associated with the Cabal of certain Jews, Freemasons, Jesuits, and certain Islamists intent on ushering in a corporatized mind-controlled New World Order. Interestingly enough, it seems that it’s The Philosopher Kings of Integral Inc. who will be at the top of the pyramid within this NWO. Moreover, the concatenation of heavy Jewish backing of this movement conveniently and consistently place the Jewish people at the top of this pyramid, too, and is something not altogether surprising considering the history of Jewish supremacy (whether religious or Darwinian) and is something that shouldn’t get a free pass as far as criticism and is worthy of a deconstruction in its own right about why this continually happens millennia after millennia.  I might add, as a speculation, that Integral Inc., is just as likely (given these listed obfuscations)  a Trojan Horse and longterm dialectic ushering in the long dreamed of myth of the Jewish Messiah who wants to rule nation-states with an iron rod via the Noahide Laws! YIKES! The delusion is strong here as humanity could very well see this worldwide system implemented via Integral ultimately ushering in a worldwide system premised on religious delusion.

Please allow me to offer up an honest view of the Integral worldview: we believe that spirituality framed as metaphysical speculation is an integral part of any new healthy society; we concede that that view could never be monological in nature and that spirituality within this culture would be necessarily pluralistic. We concede that science in the early 21st century still confirms the materialist worldview although there are interesting hypothesis’ and theories being explored which are attempting to prove teleology and purpose–to date these are simply ideas which have not been demonstrated. We understand that the present course of first world corporate neoliberalism is unsustainable and that major overhauls are needed within the money distribution arena; a change in the view of labor transactions consistent with a coherent understanding of The Golden Rule (non-coercive and non-exploitive) which factors in the approaching ‘delaborization’ of humanity via robotics and A.I. The recognition that all humans deserve housing as a basic need fulfillment which would make Integral the leading proponents of ‘delisting’ housing from capitalist speculation; that a new education model is needed which, as its central focus, would teach every type of sustainability, and personal financial education– commensurate with notions within the study of human potential with the focus on mastery in any given field of interest, and that all attempts at such endeavors be built around the ethics of voluntarism– that is to say there would be a multiplicity of approaches to meet these necessary goals–these ideas wouldn’t become an avenue of forced totalitarianism; that all avenues of moving forward are dependent on a human being healthy and that any part of a new education would, as a central focus, be concerned with health and diet juxtaposed to ‘delisting’ healthcare from the for-profit system as it exists today in its toxic economic structure.

In fact, I explore these ideas in what I call A New Earth Commons which doesn’t have Jewish or Integral stamps of approval! YEAH!!!


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