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This post is part of a three-part series with the first two being here and here.

The scope of this post isn’t adequate to cover Marxist theories on labor but in my view, they’ve been reasonably debunked, and here is one of many links I could provide.

I come at this issue from a rather idiosyncratic spiritual perspective premised on what I believe is a proper understanding of The Golden Rule. I firmly believe that Sunday Christians (or all theists) and yoga mat new agers cannot abandon the truth of this ethos when they leave a church or the mat, and from where I stand, this is exactly what most are doing. I must qualify that these ideas consider modernities rejection of religion and it’s a deconstruction I largely agree with but this rightful abandoning of religious error also threw out one of the most profound spiritual truths and this led to various distortions such as The Age of Usury and unprecedented wealth inequality.

I think I’ll start with the solutions first and backtrack from there. The solutions to the problems created by breaking the Golden Rule are twofold: a basic minimum income must be implemented for all people so that all work is voluntary and that no one is forced or coerced to do that which they wouldn’t choose to do if they had reasonable options. I’ve repeatedly said that this needs to be coordinated with a new education model and I discuss this in my New Earth Commons. This is the only way Anarcho-Capitalism could work as it relates to a society of voluntaryism. This issue, then, within this context, could only be solved via a new way of distributing the currency supply. Second, incentivization is needed on the part of capitalist employers to not treat workers (humans) as disposable objects; this could be profit sharing, offering a small percentage of ‘buying in’ via stocks and many other devices which would be commensurate with the spirit of The Golden Rule. Also, see traditional leftist ideas like Anarcho-Syndicalism and Libertarian Socialism. But if there is a point to be made here it’s that any solutions on these issues cannot be implemented via monological totalitarianism–there need be a plurality or multiplicity of voluntary solutions but the general welfare of all people CANNOT be solved by personal philanthropy–that’s silly and sloppy thinking.

The fact of the matter is modernity reduced humans to objects of financial exploitation via the economic machine. The American Dream which was exported around the world via Hollywood was loaded with every type of snake oil sales and every manner of pornography and the latter is more than just the literal–figuratively speaking, the MIC is the largest distributor of porn in the world–death for profit! An aside here is that Hollywood has been remarkable at packaging Freud’s Eros and Thanatos as death gets fetishized for profit via media sex objects. Of course, the mode of operation for this worldwide system of KA$H (the religion of money) was mafia gone legit–the Corleones succeeded in taking over banks and governments. 

I get this is an argument I’m not going to win as the purveyors of economic perversion are the most cunning to have ever walked the earth and unraveling their twisted machinations is most likely a task that can only be achieved by the good gods (or God) should they/it exist. That said, I’m not likely to shut up even if I’m only an ant among herds of stampeding elephants. 

From the perspective of a proper understanding of The Golden Rule, no worker or capitalist employer would find it acceptable to treat the working relationship as disposable, and of course, this is aimed more at employers who under neoliberal corporate capitalism view labor as entirely disposable and any given person employed as inconsequential, especially in relation to the profit motivations of boards of directors. It’s here we’ll need to deconstruct the elite’s attacks upon organized labor in the past century and this attack happened from both sides of the political duopoly–so the elite left here gets no free pass. Obviously, there were the early 20th-century open attacks on organized labor that are well documented so do your own research in that regard. Nevertheless, my interests in this issue are in the more subtle attacks on labor via the neoliberal machine. This had to convince workers to volunteer to go against their own best interests. The most profuse area here and one I also fell prey to was to become an independent proprietor which today means you live a gig economy life with homelessness as your future. Did I mention Rand was an asshole? The obvious motivation of the elites here is to have labor entirely fragmented and individualized so that it cannot organize against the machine and from my position I’d say this manipulation has by far been the most successful. The duplicity in this gambit was promoting the DIY ethic while the same bad actors were extraordinarily busy consolidating the corporatocracy making sure independents can’t compete. I could explore further here but I don’t want this post to get unwieldy.

I’ll finish off by arguing with traditional religionists. Do you really think you can exploit the spirit of God in others for your personal egoic satisfaction and consider such behavior righteous? Do Christians, especially, believe that the crass exploitations of capitalism are consistent with the teachings of Christ? How did the church in Pentecost organize? Did capitalism exist in The Garden of Eden? Will capitalism exist in the millennial reign of Christ? Hardly…yet you insist on living by unnecessary coercion and exploitation in the here and now fuelled by a worldwide system of usury.  This is a delusion! I have solved the problems in this regard in this post but I understand they will be dismissed–not my problem! We will all reap what we sow. And a note on the Eastern religions: karma and reincarnation are unfounded spiritual assertions and history has proved that institutionalizing these ideas is a very bad idea! In my opinion, this has led, under neoliberalism, to crass spiritual materialism fueled by a culture of narcissism-the very inversion of what it would mean to be spiritual! Not to mention the rise of a toxic and in error Hindu nationalism.

Just a few other points here: it’s clear the labor elite sold out under neoliberalism and that the administrative class became the pork barrellers of the working left. Also, any previous infrastructure implemented to help injured workers, unemployed or otherwise became a cash cow for the administrators and employees of these agencies–the money pool, under the neoliberal policy, simply got diverted away from workers and given to those in charge of the programs. This is all consistent with the self-serving governments which now exist with their cynical contempt for the citizenry.

Under the new type of neoconservative neoliberalism (Trump), we now see the only concern when it comes to inflation is that labor prices become as low as humanly possible. That the prices of nearly everything are to the moon doesn’t seem to bother the elite as I guess they can afford the bling, but the rest of us are fucked! Oh, well…

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