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Hardly! This is mostly an Ad Hominem ploy by the free market Libertarian right who do get some things right but are a bit confused about what anarchy is and how it’s incompatible with the present hierarchical capitalist system. But that’s another post although I do share some of the values of the Ancaps so I don’t view them as my enemies.

Here is a link to the new surveillance state being set up in China. I predicted this at least 20-years ago. Now I must say first that my critique here has nothing whatsoever to do with ethnicity; it could be purple people eaters doing this and I’d have the same critique! At any rate, I had one of those intuitive tacit moments about 20-years ago while I was walking through a dollar store. I simply knew that the western corporatocracy was selling out the west for enormous profits while abandoning western labor and that the Chinese State would become The New World Order–how that order eventually plays out is yet undetermined. I quipped that China would take over the world one dollar store at a time. Now please understand that the far east is a huge demographic with India and many other high-density populations; so again, this isn’t strictly about the Chinese.

Obviously, the West’s political establishment allowed this to happen and was purchased by the corporations in the previous 70-years. Schools like The Chicago School of Economics and Milton Friedman shamelessly argued for a society run by corporate greed and malfeasance and this was never practiced more efficiently than under the neoliberal order. This decimated labor in the west and destroyed one of the only means of political redress that lower classes had via labor unions. One of the shiftier gambits was to convince workers in the west to go it alone while at the same time reinforcing control over western societies business’ via concretizing the corporate model; the net effect was workers became lone wolves barely able to compete with the organized juggernaut of western corporate control.

In the far east the money was flowing like never before and the communists became capitalists in state-run plutocracy which was something I also predicted. I had mused whether the west would end up affecting China and the east or whether the west would become subsumed into the new plutocratic synthesis of state communism fused with capitalism. It’s obvious in Europe today that my predictions and concerns were warranted and came true. I’d also say N.A. suffered the same fate although what’s happened here is more subtle. Sept. 11, 2001, became the catalyst that the powers that be used to instantiate the surveillance society. How that surveillance society ends up looking and the mass profiling that goes along with it could arguably be said to be the complicit transference of technology by all the covert state actors–we see Facebook today sneaking in the same algorithms as 10’s of thousands go homeless in an unaffordable silicon valley! Incredibly skewed values.  But it’s not a stretch to say that your behavior is being modified to fit the New World Corporate Order–and not in any way that could be defined as good unless one redefines the meaning!

Okay, dummies, do you get yet why I’m not a fuckin’ Marxist? Look, I don’t even like Marx as he seemed like an ass-hole from things I’ve read about him and I doubt he gave a shit about the lower classes. I’ve said many times that I view Marxism as an elite communist/capitalist psyop. Now this is obviously distinct from any genius he had in the field of economics, but Mr. Hyde was a genius, too, so being really smart in and of it self-doesn’t really mean that much–at least not to me.

I argue for an economy premised and built upon the spiritual notion and ‘cosmic truth’ of The Golden Rule and any system of economics built upon that principle need be non-coercive and non-exploitative; that is to say, that no one should be forced unnecessarily to do what they really wouldn’t rather do if they had reasonable alternatives. The solution here can really only be implemented via a universal basic income tied into a new education model while at the same time ending the usurious fiat currency system whose economics is unsustainable and leading to environmental disaster! A Golden Rule economy, by coincidence, would most likely solve our environmental predicament and would be efficient whether God existed or not. But at the very least it’s consistent and coherent with the worlds best interpretations of spirituality!


But, sure, yes, let’s carry on with business as usual as per our pathetic use of Darwin’s theories transferred into the field of economics. 


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