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                 Well, @ least 33,000 of them give or take a few thousand!

Yikes! Hmmm, how do we flesh this out? I guess it depends on one’s worldview. If one is an atheist and a materialist then there aren’t any and all those claiming this are sadly deluded psychotic’s. But we shall not fall prey to that level of boredom here @andrewmarkmusic and we’ll go with the flow of idealism and suppose that a metaphysical spirituality is in fact reality.

In Hinduism, it might be said that they are all manifestations of Krishna who but can’t help share the love to whomever searches for the divine. This is the avatar theory of Christ and it’s said that he traveled and died on the Indian continent. Hmmm, I don’t know but that theory has always struck me as creating more theological quagmires than it solves.

Personally, I tend to think of this place as a Jesus Matrix! This dude is everywhere…This idea is also consistent with most newer scientific understandings (theories/speculations) today especially simulation theory and the holographic universe theory. Within this idea, Jesus in inculcated deeply and a priori within existence. Christian Gnosticism leans in this direction but it’s unclear about what the relationship is between the Aeon Kristos and this particular universe.

Of course, there are at least 33,000 sects and versions of the Jesus character within Christendom and more if we factor in Islam and Judaism. No one within Christendom can agree on who he was so there is no way to gauge the claims of any particular sect. We know Islam sees him as solely being a prophet. Judaism as a false prophet. But the most interesting claim to me in that regard are sects that assert he is the Jewish Messiah Yeshuah and son of Yahweh! We’ll put aside for a moment the ridiculous claim of this sect which claims the only real way to know the truth of this matter is to understand Aramaic Hebrew. Yikes, again! But this sect of Jewish believers is heavily invested in promoting this Messiah who can only rule the earth via a new Greater Israel where Messiah will rule the nations with an iron rod from Jerusalem. It’s unclear but likely that The Noahide Laws would be the method of this worldwide rule. An interesting note to ponder: how many atheist Zionists would reject this Messiah if (and when) he shows up? And my money is on he will show up without a doubt! But would that make him the true representative of the one and only true living God? It depends on who you ask!!!

A last note to ponder. Assuming Jesus existed in some manner I do wonder how many followers he would have had if he didn’t do anything supernatural? Like, no miracles, no walking on water, no raising the dead, no casting out demons, etc. It’s hard to say but I think it fair to say that he wouldn’t have garnered much attention. Yet it’s clear and obvious today that there are no supernatural miracles happening anywhere. Could you imagine how many politicians would be alive today if Jesus was the same today as yesteryear? NONE! He would have struck all these lying cheating bastards down! And where is the church that was instructed to share all the wealth among believers at the time of Pentecost? It doesn’t exist and we live with an everyman for himself Christianity today!

The point being is how will Yeshua pull this stunt off if he can’t or won’t demonstrate any supernaturalism and if he can’t or won’t then how is anyone to gauge which Christ he is when he enters Jerusalem again?

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