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I first came across Carlson on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he was with Graham Hancock and Michael Shermer. So it’s not the first time I’ve come across his work.

Please watch the video linked here.

It is possible that all these recurring numbers are a coincidence and he’s reading in his bias’ and concluding ideas based on faulty reasoning. That is possible. 

But on this site, we deconstruct the claims as believed. I’ll list some ideas presented and comment.

-hypothetically, conceding that these are not random coincidences, it still wouldn’t tell us anything about who knew about this knowledge. It’s a faulty assumption to say, God, when it’s just as likely aliens. And even if it were ‘God’ it would tell us absolutely nothing about the character of this God. These cosmic coincidences are just as likely the result of malevolent beings based on the brutality of our existential condition so to assume benevolence here is an unwarranted act of faith. Now I’m not saying it isn’t a benevolent God, but that really isn’t consistent thinking when one considers multiple factors like life having to eat life to survive; the brutality of evolution; and just how brutal cosmic conditions are out there when it comes to life’s survivability. Yet, his conclusions say our situation isn’t random.

-it’s highly unlikely this knowledge and these structures were built by humans of any given time in the past and more likely this is all the work of some other life form. There just isn’t much evidence for humans during these archaic ages being able to pull this off.  Of course, the problem here also is that there isn’t any evidence of any higher life forms either, so we’re left with 100% metaphysical speculation. That leads us to the lunacy of the worlds written religious traditions which are all internally and comparatively contradictory. This fact really doesn’t help us at all in solving this mystery.

-any God claims should be premised on reason and logic otherwise we couldn’t really deduce the truth about anything–so if there is something to the Torah, Bible, Koran with this phenomenon it can’t be the literal words as written; as again, they are all contradictory as well as the basic tenets of faith being irrational and illogical. It’s just as likely these books are the works of malevolent beings which are, in my opinion, manipulating humanity and that seems more consistent with the facts. So we have someone who had advanced astronomical knowledge in the past who seem to have written contradictory irrational and illogical religious books in this age. Another coincidence here is that most of humanity tends to end up slaves to an EL-ite class of predators over and over again.

-there is no outward display of any supernatural phenomenon anywhere on the earth in recent history. No one is levitating; no one is walking on water or walking through walls; no one can defy the laws of physics, etc., etc., etc. This certainly doesn’t help in solving this mystery and would logically point to the alien hypothesis (if my reasoning isn’t faulty) although I’ve mentioned before that God, if it existed, could have called a ‘time-out’ on all supernatural manifestations, but even that wouldn’t alter the irrationality and illogic of normative religion. But there is one religion which is consistent with all this phenomenon and that is Gnosticism. Carlson mentions Kabbalah often but it’s not the only type of Gnosticism. I’d agree with him that Gnosticism best explains all this if it were more than coincidence but that still leaves us trying to figure out which version of Gnosticism is the correct one.

-is this place controlled and owned by malevolent entities? And does it get destroyed over and over? Perhaps at the midway cycle of the great year as the powers that be who guard the rest of the universe can never allow the controlling archons out of this place, as they are evil and irredeemable, and humanity may very well be their creation and we may also be trapped here. If that’s true some of us might be living a recurring hell. It isn’t at all clear to me how any given human can escape this condition but it might have something to do with being able to turn this body into a light body. But that’s speculation although premised on ideas like the transfiguration story(minus the baggage/nonsense of sin/sacrifice and atonement) and the Buddhist Rainbow Body phenomenon.

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