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This isn’t the first time I’ve ranted on this topic but I feel it necessary once again.

In the western philosophical tradition, there was a general acceptance that what philosophers were espousing was somewhat speculative. This isn’t to say that any individual philosopher didn’t adamantly believe their metaphysics. By the 20th century, however, some materialist philosophers had had enough of the nonsense and formed the Analytical School of Philosophy. I don’t necessarily cohere with this school but I thoroughly understand the ethics behind such a move.

Alas, our good brothers (and a few sisters) in the east never felt the necessity to adopt this move and continue to promote Hinduism as it’s just an obvious fact! Nevermind that no one in that tradition has been able to demonstrate any kind of paranormal or supernatural phenomenon. No levitation; no walking on water(that’s a cheap parlor trick according to the Vedantist); no healing the sick; no raising the dead; notta; nothing, not at all, and this juxtaposed to endless hubris claims about the nature of reality.

Interestingly enough, and just by coincidence, these religious authorities set themselves up at the top of the societal pyramid while declaring those in the gutter were there as a consequence of something they did in a past life! It’s hard to imagine a society based on more irrationality than that! Instituting a lifetime of pain and misery premised on ghost stories! I won’t get into how irrational it is to assert this is a school when one’s memory is wiped at birth because if that’s the school then the headmaster is a lunatic! Imagine showing up at university and having your memory wiped of all your earlier education! This one example should illustrate how backward this idea is.

Again, though, if one could demonstrate something, anything, that could justify belief and societal structure based on said belief then it might be tolerable, but no one, as far as I can tell, can prove anything beyond the ordinary. This isn’t to say that there are not some incredible flexible people within that tradition but flexibility proves nothing and secular sports athleticism is just as efficacious as yoga without the metaphysical baggage. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Hindu tradition in some regards and it’s a rich and beautiful history from certain perspectives, and I would never begrudge anyone their religious proclivities on a rock that’s tough to live on and doesn’t yield easy answers to the question of why, but come on; enough is enough–frame your spirituality as speculative! 

Look, I get that this gets entwined with unanswered questions about Idealism and whether consciousness precedes matter, and whether panpsychism is real; these are things I tend to believe myself but it isn’t certain, we spiritualists could be wrong! And on the spiritual side of the fence God could be an alien and in fact, that idea is more coherent than most religious doctrines. And just a last point on Randal Carlson and what seems like intelligent design via complex recurring geometry: even if we concede this phenomenon as real it tells us absolutely nothing about the character of God or the Gods!



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