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I get that this is going to sound weird! Let me first start by saying that the city I live in was evil by my intuitive standards long before 911, and long before the greed of neo-liberal policy which took over here in the 80’s, and long before mass immigration for corporations, banks, and Israel. One would have to explore the meaning and symbolism of the provincial architecture built about 100-years ago to see that whatever is going on here goes back a long way. I would say, however, that this place was much less evil and freer prior to 1985 and the takeover by the neo-liberal banksters around that time. And no, Trump’s policies are no solution to this evil as evil cannot and never will stop evil. Do you hear that people? 

At any rate, I lived more or less out of the system for ten years between ’79 and ’89 and my life took a turn into high strangeness come the 90’s which was about the time I made an adjustment back into ‘status-quo society’. What I’m about to describe did not happen until I got a cell phone in 1998 although there were other strange things that happened which I won’t get into at this time. I should say that it wasn’t like these things happened and I immediately knew and registered cognitively what was happening. No, it wasn’t like that; in fact, it took me nearly 7-years of experiencing it and contemplating what was happening before I became sure that what was happening wasn’t just random chance and coincidence.

Of course, being able to research using the internet and delving deep via computer technology investigating 911 for 3-years (2005/8)helped me come to these conclusions. Yes, the official story of 911 is how shall we say? Bullocks! 

I love to yak about philosophy, politics, and religion and never had any weird experiences in that regard until I purchased my first cell phone in 1998. It wasn’t long after that that I began to register emergency vehicle sirens buzzing my vicinity when I got to talking about controversial subjects with whoever and wherever. Again, for the first 5-years or so I didn’t know what to make of it and kind of just filed it away as coincidence until Sept 11, 2001. On that day I KNEW what was happening to me wasn’t random! But, it still took 4-more years for me to be convinced that it was targeted behavior and in part that was due to my diligence in researching 911.

They buzzed me near head-on this morning shortly after a comment I made on my Steemit blog. Last year was by far the most intense. I had a friend show up and stay with me and he brought a guest with him. This person claimed ‘it’ was one of the people involved in a cosmic drama nearly 2000-years ago. I’m a natural born skeptic so I listen and don’t make a judgment without considerable contemplation. Needless to say, I’ve never experienced so much emergency sirens in my life and in 1-hour of one particular walk it may have well been WWW-3! Not only that but this particular visit garnered me 2-phone calls from people I hadn’t heard from in some time and the reasons they called were obviously B.S. and I had always suspected these two particular people were involved with Masonry. They haven’t called me since.

My take on this? The Demiurge has no supernatural ability but it is a technological genius due to the diligence of the Archons. The all-seeing eye is symbolic of this technological mass-surveillance and mass-profiling civilization. Judaism and secular Judaism (Freemasonry) are heavily invested in this phenomenon and are in the process of bringing in the ‘order of the ages’! Of course, I believe this will all culminate with the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem and the advent of the Jewish Messiah. Civilization may get The Noahide Laws thrown in just for the fun of it all!

What this post implies is that there is a massive worldwide allegiance of certain groups and people who have an esoteric agenda for the earth and its people. My own unprovable intuitions and feelings on this are that humanity is not dealing strictly with humanity–there are other non-human agents involved and they are sophisticatedly organized over a long period of time. I can only say for certain that the Inuit are not the culprits in this regard! I also don’t recommend histrionics as a reaction to all these shenanigans; breathe deeply and trust the ‘one core truth’ of all existence if there is such a thing, and I believe there is but any such notion is speculative…



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