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              ” around and round we suppose while the truth sits in the middle and knows”




There are, of course, more professional liars than what I mentioned in the video. Politicians of all stripes have sold us out to all the various mafias. Watch HBO’s Boardwalk Empire for insight about how that came about. Purchasing of the judiciary and creating a prison industrial complex all premised on lies; the MIC lying endlessly while committing abhorrent violence for private mercenaries and corporate arms dealers.

Meanwhile, the El-ites are isolating themselves into walled-off safe zones and have become unempathetic narcissists concerned only with their own desires and lusts. At the same time, the masses are shocked and awed into a traumatized delirium divided and conquered into a debt-ridden state of anomie.

                                     And people like Jordan Peterson call this state of affairs good! 


In the mythology of religious lore, it’s been said that only God can tell who is and isn’t telling the truth. 

A couple more points here. The political system itself is all predicated on lying so it plays a huge part within the current cultural malaise. And I forget to mention the corruption of the academies: handed over to Wall St. corporations and their debt financiers! Debt-slaving a generation or two for life in the education sphere.

You can here the demo version of I’ve Lied here and the finished product is at the end of the above video:

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