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                                                                  “Elephants can’t fly”

Well, I guess we have to start with the elephant in the room; or, in this case, the room is completely void of elephants; and for the sake of this post, the room will be empty of everything but humanity! We won’t even consider whether E.T. exists in this post. It’s just us–the cosmic fluke in a rather large dead universe!

So let’s run with this for a moment. What would that mean? Well, of course, it would mean The Golden Rule doesn’t mean crapola! Nothing does! Nihilism is our inevitable fate if this were true–there’s really no escaping this conclusion if one is to assess honestly.  But sure, we can make up all the New Age touchy-feely narratives we like but ultimately they are all doomed to meaninglessness…That’s a fact under this scenario. Cry and whine all you like ’cause it doesn’t matter– nothing does!

Now, interestingly, this nihilism became fused with Machiavellian atheism over the past few centuries and has done exactly this: installed a vision of survival of the fittest economics in a gory bloodbath of Social Darwinist depravity! And I should note that toilets, electricity and all the rest of the toys don’t alter these facts. Yes, that is where we are today–just past a few centuries of killing fields and now in a post-911 worldwide social lockdown–a worldwide police state of ‘show me your papers’...don’t say this and don’t think that! No, no, no. Obey!

So yes, under this scenario, the various mafias that have taken over the earth in the past few centuries can do what they bloody well please and NO ONE can stop them. It’s brute force and coercion with the biggest most advanced militaries ready and willing to crush anyone that resists and the pay has never been better because they control the printing of money–this is a fact now, too.

I’ll leave day 1 at this. All I’ll say is that this mode of operation can be likened to Dumbo! And it doesn’t matter if this scenario is true. 

But please understand that all it took for the usurious mafia to take over the world was simply to declare that God was non-existent.


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