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In this 2019 update, I’ll mention that John Wick is finally pissed! He’s been on a murderous 3-movie killing spree to get there, but better late than never! And yes, John Wick is an allegory about the archons who control this death-cult earth where life has to feed off life to survive in a brutal display of blood and gore! And in today’s world that translates into the brutality of the financial killing machine we call capitalism, and in its very last stage will be fused with communism into a brutal technocracy…

2020: think of John Wick like this: you’re not going to be able to make a move under the current oligarchy without having one of their ‘Nephilim Archon Spooks’ all over you. How? Digital surveillance and agents that are everywhere!

The last day of 3-days of darkness in the northern hemisphere as the sun sits in the constellation Capricorn and will soon begin its journey back across the sky on December 25th to the Spring Equinox at Easter.

The Sun God Ra! Ra-bbi’s…The hot desert priests naturally incorporated nature into their traditions. Interestingly enough, the yarmulke also symbolizes something: the magical wonders of certain plants which alter human consciousness–usually opening perception to types of ‘God-consciousness’–via, Entheogens. We might add, also, that the desert tribes followed the moon cycles and this was personified as Isis…IS-RA…If we go back to Egypt we’ll see a hint of the first monotheism wherein Isis is also Ra! This might be a good time to ask why Is-Ra-El is named after Egyptian God’s and Goddess’s and why the Antinomian Gnostic Kabbalist’s (LAWLESSNESS)put Egyptian symbolism in all their power centers on earth.

This is all perfectly natural to merge nature into religious tradition: the sun and the moon and the stars…Good and Evil/Day and Night/Male and Female. And then came Babylon–the turning of natural ‘shamanic’ religion into social/political institutions of power and control. Please study the Babylonian Woe, by David Astle, linked here.

CH_I_ _!     The natural life energy of earth symbolized in the Yin and Yang symbol of the east. This is also the Kristos and Sofia of Gnostic Christianity.

What does all of this have to do with The Golden Rule? Nature always strives for equilibrium and balance and in thinking beings like wo/man this would naturally and intelligently play itself out in the social sphere as care of the other! Allow me a moment of personal metaphysical speculation: on higher planes of existence coercion and exploitation are non-existent! It’s because of this that the unnecessary coercion and exploitation of humanity–especially by religion, but now by the new religion of money, power, and greed (what I call the God KA$H)–are so destructive to life.

Yes, we’ve lost our way by following two maladaptive power structures: state religion and modern finance which have reduced humanity and other life forms to objects of financial exploitation. 

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