Andrewmarkmusic: decoding the headlines
and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

-dualist and nondual spiritual philosophies.

-a secular evil example might be dialectical materialism’s revolutionary spirit.

-non-violence as the model of behavior exampled by the Kristos.

-attempts at conciliation of the old and new testament by messianic Judaism.

-gnostic ditheism, docetism, and soteriology and the economics of The Golden Rule.

-non-violence and voluntaryism. Economic compromise.

-the true ‘natural law’.

-logic and reason as they relate to epistemology.

-modern views on Gnosticism.

-sharing economies and Proudhon.

-anarchism and the violent nation-state of oligarchy.

-the Catch 22 of our condition.

-our ‘fenced off condition’…

-good arguments are better than violence.

-atheist materialism’s inability to argue against the evil god hypothesis.

NO COMING BACK FOR YOU! Written by me:)


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