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Many of you may know that I identify as a Gnostic with similar views as one of the first Christians– Marcion, who correctly understood that the Old Testament is antithetical and incommensurate with the New Testament, notwithstanding the contortions of the Judaic Messianic movement within modernity–a ploy, in my opinion, by the tribe to make sure the Catholics could never again force conversion on them–quite clever really.

This is taken from his Battersea, England talk in 1927. I’ll link the video below so you can check out why I’m linking this. @ 17:50 he talks about Gnosticism (a coherent religious view) and says he wouldn’t argue with us. YEAH!!! Go, Bertrand! Perhaps he wouldn’t argue because he suspects we are right!

Okay, obviously my point wasn’t to promote his beliefs generally speaking. Just his reference to the idea of a corrupt designer.

Please note that I identify as an Agnostic Gnostic and I believe Gnosticism is one of mankind’s earliest attempts at fusing spirituality with the faculties of reason and logic.

Here are some thoughts on modern Gnostic thinking:

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