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The religious-spiritual philosophy of nonduality asserts that humans are God and that there is no significant difference between the two! This idea is, for the most part, one tiny slice of theological thinking that stems from Eastern philosophy and primarily by the Vedic sage Shankara. Shankara was rightly challenged by another sage called Ramanuja who correctly asserted that the ‘soul of man’ was in every way distinct from God; furthermore, and most aligned with my theological musings, was the strict dualism of Dvaita Vedanta taught by Madhvacharya and this aligns most closely with my Christian Gnostic cosmology.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing Spiderman could ever do to become Stan Lee and this video is one of the best at outlining why that is. I’ve said for a long long time that the claim that humans are God is meaningless! There is nothing that I can see that makes practitioners of nonduality any different from any other ‘talking monkey’; they have no special abilities compared to anyone else, they have no extra-ordinary powers compared to anyone else–they will live and die in no way different from anyone else. These facts then make the claims of nonduality narcissistic and mired in hubris. This, though, doesn’t really concern me as a Gnostic per se but what does concern me is the nonduality of the Kabbalist Luciferians who are practicing worldwide lawlessness and antinomianism especially powered by taking control of the creation of currency and this was the method of this Luciferian ‘will to power’…One of the best bloggers on this phenomenon is Anthony Migchels over at Real Currencies although I couldn’t speak for his personal theology.

It’s also worth noting that Neoplatonism wasn’t non-dual in its essence and that those who espouse that it was do not understand the true meaning behind this philosophy and here is a deconstruction of that theme.

Just a note to the many atheists and materialists out there: I wonder what you have to say about a civilization run by those who think talking snakes in gardens are real? Why do you think this is a good thing and why do you give this Cabal a free pass by ignoring and dismissing the existence of this hegemony over the earth and its people?  See here and here for evidence of this assertion. Why do you think the coming Noahide Laws most likely ushered in by the presumably Jewish Messiah is a good thing? What I’m suggesting here is atheists are good at deconstructing exoteric religion but ignore or dismiss the esoteric strains of religion and this is a grave oversight when one considers the influence over civilization by the four primary schools of Talmudic Kaballism: the Jews who believe this version of the Torah (The Luciferian’s), The Freemasons, The Jesuits, and sects within Islam like the Shriners.

Please note that my Gnostic worldview is of a different nature compared to the Kabbalists and more aligned with the early Christian named Marcion who correctly noted the many discrepancies in the Torah; which is, in my view, an entirely fictitious religious book. Modern scholarship confirms this and I also have to wonder why it is that academic historians still insist that there were four (or twelve)  Englishmen in the Middle East 2000 years ago.

A note: I really don’t have a problem with the theological theory of nonduality. I only have a problem when it’s asserted as a common spiritual fact by its practitioners. And yes, most who assert the theory of nonduality practice extreme dogmatism.

2023 update: I’m okay with the idea as long as it is understood as poetic…The wave/ocean thing, ya know?

But in reality, Idealism and nonduality are extremist metaphysical views as is strict materialism–opposite end theories on the nature of reality. I’m more of a middle-ground kind of guy.

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