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I’m in the process of remixing Four Songs About God in E-Flat Minor. I’m going to hide the initial mixes at the end of this next batch of videos. This mix of Catch 22 @around 17:08 is getting closer although there is still some vocal issues to be worked out. Hopefully, it’s all finished up by spring and although the side is meant to be listened to as a whole I’ll post these unfinished mixes at the end of these videos.

In this video:

-secular spiritualism?

-the natural theological pantheism of the God KA$H.

-what would be sufficient reasons to live under a theocracy?

-fairnessin game playing.

-some thoughts on Wilber.

-Social Media as a disinformation platform for the oligarchs of the god KA$H.

-the Cabal.



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