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This post will attempt to argue that religious ‘explosion’ during the axial age wasn’t random but was rather the machinations of a small clique of money-masters who successfully co-opted the natural religious and social order of the earth and used it as a cover for control of civilization by controlling the means of financial exchange. Yes, this needs some unpacking.

This thesis is premised on the idea that natural man for at least 100,000 years developed tribal social structures founded on various hierarchical and spiritual experiences based on animism and pantheism, and that these cultures developed in this way all over the earth. That is to say, humanity experienced life within tribal social structures headed by shamanistic priest types who were the interpreters of animistic and pantheistic experiences and that these cultures developed simultaneously all over the earth in similar ways.

In Mesopotamia, from 10,000 years B.C., via advances in agriculture we see the first coalescing of ethnic groups into the worlds first city-states and it’s here where we begin our speculations about why we are where we are at today: on the cusp of worldwide integration of finance, religion, the crown, and the military.

Some essential reading for this theory would be David Astle’s, The Babylonian Woe. A general understanding of history would also be helpful as would the ability to consider alternate civilizational and metaphysical hypotheses. I’m suggesting here that for at least 100,000 years the tribes developed a natural theology with associated cultural structures all living within what might be termed ecological equilibrium with the earth and that this flow was altered by the co-opting of the natural order by a Cabal of money-masters who used religion not as a structure for the common good but as a method and means of taking control of civilization with power as the driving motivation. This theory suggests religions ‘explosion’ during the axial age after at least 100,000-years of equilibrium was a direct result of the manipulations and machinations of the money-masters; that religion exploded during this time as a direct result of expanding financial control over civilization via stealth and covert means.

For this theory to have any merit it would be necessary to consider some conspiratorial alliances. The highest structures of the natural religious orders would have been compromised by agents of the Cabal while at the same time coming into an alliance with the crown royals of any given culture while also creating an enforcement branch (militaries) for this nascent new world order. This new world order likely found its epitome within the empire of Rome although it’s likely agents appeared in other cultures not too distant from the middle east–India, China, and Africa as the trade routes allowed–the beginnings of economic imperialism as humanity ushered in The Age of Pisces which would further branch out around the 1400s with the emergence of the nation-states first central banks which, as I’ve pointed out before, coincidentally arrived with the first automated weaponry.

We’ll take a little detour here and consider alternative semiotics which might shed some light on the current power structures of the earth as this theory suggests the primary motivation of the Cabal is earthly power. 

Here we see the five-pointed star with its central Pentagon and the association should be obvious. The Pentagon is at the top of the pecking order attached to the crown as it’s the primary enforcement branch of the Cabal–the crown that sits on top of false religion (the whore of Babylon) instituted and embedded within the religions which coalesced within the Age of Pisces–see the two fish. I contend that the New Age will reach its apex via three primary means: the coalescing of a one-world financial order aligned with the two primary psyops of the money masters religions: the coming of the Israeli Messiah concomitant with the fusing of human consciousness with A.I. which is the fulfillment of Kabbalistic Luciferianism. Please note that this, if true, is all implemented via force and coercion.

See this, also:

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So the religion of the money masters is earthly power and the self-fulfilling prophecies of their religions will implement a worldwide digital internet currency brought into existence, coincidentally, by the first means of financial control in Babylon: public ledgers and mining… This new world order will likely be juxtaposed with civilizational thought control; that is to say that it will become increasingly difficult to criticize and resist the machinations of what I call the God KA$H! It’s likely no coincidence that the events of 911 have helped to usher in the re-emergence of the cabal’s traditional hiding place which was used as a cover for its economic imperialism–religion–which will be the foundation for worldwide Noahide Laws. 

A few thoughts to finish up here. I suspect that something isn’t quite right within two fields of inquiry but I’m not sure if there is ignorance going on here or intentional disinformation within the fields of history and metaphysics. There is something not quite right within ‘officialdom’ about there being ‘not much going on’ with humans who are no different from us today physiologically for at least hundreds of thousands of years (if not millions) and it’s just plain weird that this prolonged ‘hunter-gatherer’ stage of human development so suddenly turned into a monopoly on money supply via the force of the nation-state in such a short period. Add to this the destruction of the biosphere in modernity by this Cabal and things may not be as random as some would like us to believe it is.

The likeliest metaphysical deception from our modern vantage point would be extra-terrestrial involvement with humanity through the prolonged hunter-gatherer’s epoch (and into today). The problem with the idea; though, although logically consistent, is that there is next to no real evidence for this theory being true (sorry Eric), which leaves us with spiritual metaphysics as an explanation for all these shenanigans. The problem here though is that the money masters created and control most of the narratives within this field of inquiry so getting to the truth of the matter is near impossible. I sit firmly in the Gnostic camp because it’s clear the Torah and the religions it spawned are historically inaccurate and incompatible logically and reasonably which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that they’re false. I suggest, as speculation, that Ditheism and Docetism are coherent explanations for who the Kristo’s was/is and why he was/is here. One would have to consider hyper-dimensional physics and dimensional metaphysics as possible, though, and I get why there are those unwilling to go there.


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