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The War on Terror has morphed into a war on all those who correctly reject the bullshit official narrative about 911 with its unending imperialist wars promulgated by the world’s lamestream media who endlessly shill for the elite military-industrial complex along with  the worlds hackademies who send out propagandists like Jordan Peterson whose job it is to protect the billionaire oligarchs who are raping and pillaging the earth and its people at an unprecedented rate via unearned and unmerited wealth…

So how do the good Hobbits of the earth stop this? There is only one way: change dramatically the political system which is the only means of redress for the people. 1) End life long bureaucratic career’s within politics via seven-year and you’re out forever of the public service sphere and transfer back into ‘real life work’…2) automatic removal from office for breaking ANY election promise. THAT’S IT!!! It’s this simple folk’s and this would work if we could pull it off. The alternative is life long debt slavery to the oligarchic plutocracy with its mafia ethos and it’s likely only they will survive our coming environmental nightmares brought on by their economic policies, greed, and arrogance. And no, complexity cannot and never should be an excuse for abandoning common sense, decency, and sound logic– something which is found in the economic philosophies of Henry George!


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