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I’ve mused on the two Piscean Fish for many years. I’ve come to call them desire and lust. The desire of the Virgin for a kind loving husband and the lust of the whore who wants to ‘fuck’ em all’…Energetic archetypes perhaps of the female side of the source.

Or, perhaps the Buddha, if he existed, came across these two aspects of Mara? At any rate, back in those heady days of what we now know was social engineering (thank-you banksters) I used to get a respite from the streets from a ‘coven of Wiccans’ (or, so I assumed); they lived in this cool cottage in Riverdale in Toronto with a backyard that transitioned into a graveyard. There was this one picture on the wall that made me feel really weird inside: it was two witchy type woman who were incredibly beautiful and one was blonde and the other brunette. That was 40-years ago but the image has stayed with me.

I knew when I recorded this side two years ago that it wasn’t quite right and this song came to me last year and it all feels right now. This mix is still missing the soon to come keys and there are still some tweaks but it’s getting there.

4-Songs About God in E-Flat Minor is a side that explores my lifelong journey as a seeker. The side is four songs with seven parts. 4 and 7 are mystical numbers which of course equal 11…Perhaps that’s meaningless but who knows? Maybe there is a mystery or two still to be uncovered! is giving a musical voice to the Gnostic tradition. It’s easy to become a theist once one experiences the obvious Gnosis that God if it exists, is demonstrably evil…

“I don’t really feel the need as a Gnostic to own guns which enable me to partake anymore than I have to in the murderous barbarism of this demiurge construct where life has to feed off other life to survive. I’ll pass”…

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