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Some thoughts on one of the better philosophy channels on YouTube called Cuck Philosophy here.

He’s very good at simplifying complex ‘leftist’ thought and gets the definitions right unlike hacks like Jordan Peterson who thinks Marxism (a grand narrative) is postmodern–it’s not…

The video primarily addresses advertising but I’ll expand on the theme. I’ll note, though, that the CEO of BuzzFeed is using psychology in the same way that Edward Bernays did which was to use psychological insights for corporate profit-seeking motives. This is one of the primary reasons (and arguments) that Christianity and capitalism are incommensurate and in complete antithesis to each other and the idea that Christianity and capitalism are compatible is absurd and profoundly mistaken. This is the result of Judaized Christianity or the projection of Jewish economic thinking into Christendom. Again, it’s profoundly delusional (no more so when it comes to usury)… I’ll note that it’s primarily the Kaballist Kabal which took control of western civilization (starting around 1400) that is speeding up its capitalistic machinations to help bring the end of capitalism so we can get the Marxist utopia which is very much aligned with Messianic fervor with the added implementation of the Noahide Laws–a modern-day Sadducee/Pharisee civilizational psy-op. Just a note that I’ll be exploring the worldview of the Sadducee’s in an upcoming blog, but briefly– they were atheist or highly skeptical of theism while very much covetous of societal privilege and power. There are some profoundly interesting dynamics and incongruities within this particular ‘mindfield.’

One aspect of this he didn’t touch on is the normalization of continuous warfare since the false-flag attacks of 911 where we were told to go shopping! I seldom watch MSM as, in my opinion, they became global liars on 911, but further they are now in the business of selling you shoes (or everything else) while they ask ‘Christian’ nations to endlessly bomb Islam for Israel. This isn’t really all that new if one has investigated links between Hollywood’s history and that of the modern nation-state– especially since the CIA came to exist–as cozy as cozy is– as documented in films like Wag The Dog. Concomitant with this endless warfare is the mass immigration into historic Christian countries juxtaposed to the demonization of those who question the legitimacy of this inorganic influx of people’s from all around the world. There are those also pointing out that the censorship of the internet is brought to us by the corporate state (economic fascism) advertising branches…So the truth is subverted by the need for advertising revenue for people’s new shoes. None of these shenanigans is AT ALL commensurate with Christian ethics and those who think otherwise are clearly and demonstrably deluded.

The last note here: it’s not possible to have a Judean/Christian worldview as Christianity if understood correctly is irreconcilable with Judaism. Dr. E. Michael Jones has that much right although Marcion had the relationship between the Kristo’s and the Torah God correct–they are an antithesis and I’ll link the *Good God YouTube channel, too, here, as there is at least one Christian on earth that can read. And I should mention that this really isn’t a hermeneutic issue as it goes to the core definitions of what GOODNESS means! Something the Torah God clearly IS NOT!!!

NOTE: The Israeli Messiah will come without a shred of supernaturalism which argues that it’s all ethnonationalist Darwinian manipulation of civilization with the added hypocrisy that it’s okay for Jews to want an ethnic-nation-state but not whites or Christians.

NOTE: as a Non-Kaballistic Gnostic Christian there are some things I disagree with Bobby on but he gets some of the more important issues correct and that is significant…

P.S. :

Some musing on neoliberal economics within this field of inquiry. Free trade was to open up borders but it really only did so for corporate elites while everyone else is treated as a criminal while crossing borders.
And ya know, it wasn’t long ago that the sports complex made reasonable amounts of money for kicking objects around, but under neoliberalism, the average working Joe or Jane has been dupped into cheerleading for those who will make more in one year than they’ll make in a lifetime of hard labor.
And do those responsible for the bloody mess really think this is going to end well? How fuckin’ deluded can one be? Extraordinarily so it seems…

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