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I consider myself a quasi-Buddhist and it was one of my early forays when I was a young kid getting into my search about all the big questions; in fact, Hesse’s Siddhartha was a big influence in those early days as was Thoreau. So in no way is this post about hostility towards Buddhism.

My biggest critique of Buddhism is its tendency towards universalism when it’s possible Buddhism is local to this earth and Buddhism’s tendency at drawing definitive conclusions about the nature of reality solely from human phenomenology. That aside…

Buddhism explains theodicy by the idea of action always instigated via desire and lust. There is no doubt in my mind that this is true enough and here is a link exploring Buddhist ideas on this topic. My song, I’ve Lied, is at the end of the video and it’s the closing song on 4-Songs About God In E-Flat Minor. There is the intro first though, called, Busking/NoBodies Saved.

Anyone who has read my blog knows I’m more sympathetic to the Hinayana School which tends to not deconstruct everything down to human psychological projection or ‘mind phantasm’ (or emptiness). As a Christian Gnostic, I believe that the dimensions posited within the Hinayana school are similar enough to those described in Gnosticism and are the abode of the Archons, but I agree that they are ultimately weblike in the sense espoused by Indra philosophies. I’ve also said time and time again that anything said in this regard falls into speculative metaphysics and is unprovable in any empirical sense, so definitive declarations in this regard are unjustified and over-reach, IMO.

I’ve also said that Sunyata is the void or chasm created by the Kristos to separate the Archons from the Pleroma or the lighted womb which implies that we live in the darkened womb or the shadow realm of the Logos’ faulty projection as documented in the Valentinian Tripartite Tractate which I’ll get into as I wrap up this series of posts. All I’ll say for now is that it’s a don’t blame the woman (Eve or Sophia) cosmology and correctly places the problem of evil right at its source: God, and in this case, the Logos, which, in my opinion, is the only coherent theological position to hold–all else is theological contortionism.

Please see my previous post in this series where I’ve deconstructed karma and reincarnation so I won’t get into it again in this post.

Okay, so I’m not above having a bit of fun at the expense of New Age Spirituality and in this video, I am the 24th Elder in the council of ELRA and because I’m last in line the other Elders generally ignore me and treat me like a mushroom: keep me in the dark and feed me bullshit, and it’s only when they screw-up (usually bigtime, that they come seeking my knowledge and wisdom:P)…

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