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                                                        “I AM QUIDDITIOUS”

It’s the real deal here on where we cut through the near endless bullshit of the archons who know everything about humanity and our local existence in the galaxy, and they then proceed to use all their knowledge about us to obscure the truth and keep humanity enslaved via endless bullshit! And we see this bullshit endlessly in the fields of religion and finance which are, in essence, one and the same thing!

In this series we’ve looked at issues surrounding theodicy via materialism, western theism, the Vedic literature, and Buddhist ontologies, and have found elements of wanting in all of their metaphysics to varying degrees–yes, some more problematic than others.

And without further ado, we delve into gnostic cosmologies. Again though, I don’t have a problem with materialist’s or atheist’s per se, I only suggest that a meaningless existential nihilism lies at the end of that road if these folks are correct.

For the longest time, I’ve subscribed to the Sophia screwed up school of Gnostic mythology. I’ve come to think, though, that this is another blame the female cosmology and I’m coming more and more to reject this view. And yes, this is all speculative metaphysics framed within mythological cosmologies.

I do think the only coherent take on theological theodicy is to lay the blame precisely where it belongs: God! Any other stance is theological contortionism and is untenable. This Valentinian creation myth lays the blame for evil squarely on the shoulders of the LOGOS! Yes, that’s right folks! Jesus screwed up! This narrative talks about how this aeon projected a shadow of itself into creation and then recoiled at what it had done.

The whole of cosmic history is now the long and tedious reconciliation between light and shadow. This school generally believes that everything will be reconciled into the lighted womb eventually so it’s actually a positive cosmology. There are some gnostic narratives that are not so hopeful…But we can hope for this one!

Here is a good discussion on this theme at Aeon Byte radio with Dr. Cid Ropp…

I sing about the Gnostic worldview on the side of music called 4-Songs About God In E-Flat Minor. 


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