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Okay, this is the 7th and final post in this series on Theodicy.

I’ll start by mentioning again that the outcome of a Godless universe is an existential meaninglessness nihilism, and this is an inescapable fact if the atheists are correct. But I’m not going to dwell on this as I covered this ground in the Theodicy and Atheism post earlier in the series. And BTW., unlike atheists who refuse to give Gnosticism a fair hearing I always give atheism and materialism ample consideration in my blogs when a theme steers in that direction.

The Demiurge is a craftsman, or architect, or a creator with limited skills and abilities. This would explain why it needs a 5G surveillance grid as it isn’t OMNI anything and the internet now gives the archons almost unlimited access to all of our most intimate thoughts with every keystroke we make! And they created this surveillance grid with our permission and get us to pay for the loss of our private thoughts (and actions); in other words– they’ve manufactured our consent.

There are three primary schools within the Gnostic tradition and the one with the most influence today is Talmudic Kaballism which I reject because it acts politically and economically via motivations from a literal interpretation of mythology. This is folly! Adam and Eve never existed and trying to engineer longevity through merging humans with machines based on this myth is insanity. The other branch of Talmudism which is equally deluded and dangerous is the Messiah trope when fused with the delusion of worldwide Noahide Laws–Noah is a fiction of the archons!  So humanity is getting double whammied by delusion! Can this be stopped? I don’t think so as certain groups now have TOTAL CONTROL which I’ve blogged about quite often.

I’ve long been a proponent of the Logos/Sophia Gnostic creation myth which espouses that the Logos and Sophia were the first things to exist. So truth and wisdom came first out of the Monad. But lately, I’ve been more amenable to the Valentinian school which puts the blame squarely on the Logos rather than Sophia and this is theologically coherent from my analysis. But as always this is all speculative metaphysics. I’m not wholly attached to either view as both have strong and weak arguments as to their plausibility given that one is amenable to these musings…

And, of course, I’ve talked about the E.T. theory and that humanity is dealing with alien archon overlords and that YHWH is the E.T. Anu as espoused in various extraterrestrial studies (if I can call them that). I think this theory is the most plausible to the modern mind as it isn’t steeped in the ocean of mythology that religion is; this doesn’t mean necessarily that God doesn’t exist, it just means that what is happening locally on this planet has more to do with alien intervention than theologies Gods. But I’ve also suggested humanity could be dealing with both! It could be a CONVOLUTED BLOODY MESS HERE ON PLANET EARTH! 

I’ll finish by arguing that the archons are malevolent towards humanity and don’t have our best interest at heart. Theologically we have to define GOOD and not butcher the meaning if we want any coherence whatsoever within this field of inquiry! Judaism fails upon this inspection as YHWH proves himself endlessly inept and mean spirited; Christianity and Islam fail also as only a mean demiurge sentences people to everlasting torture; and Hinduism, when it isn’t a bloody mess, is delusional when it proposes wiping peoples memory on the day they start university, and Buddhism doesn’t fare much better in this specific regard: ergo Gnosticism becomes one of the few remaining explanations.

And then there is the brutality and corruption of politics and economics (and religious elites) whose systems are predicated on violence and coercion and brutal exploitation. Not only are humans being coerced and exploited by the archon rulers but they are destroying the earth and biosphere via their policies at an unprecedented rate! The economic casino the archons created is a JOKE when we apply the idea of merit to income! Most of their wealth is now unmerited and is gained through corrupt economic practices made legal by their control of the courts– so legal today in no way means ethical. Add to this the worldwide manipulation of information via the oligarchs controlling the algorithms of who gets heard and who gets silenced: with the result being the normalization of a mafia ethos! Humanity hears what the archons want us to hear!

Okay, then, folks, that about wraps this series up! I’m onto a batch of old acoustic singer-songwriter songs that resurfaced from my cache is recent months so I’m going to spend some time getting those archived online! Maybe I’ll even come and harass Steemit’s open-mic again!

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