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Are the Demiurge and his minions about to offer up the earth and its people’s the mother of all hissy fits?

One religion which was continually wiped off the planet espoused a cosmology wherein the God of this earth was a fake God–a Poser! This God created a situation wherein one group of people would be evidence for this cosmology: a deal struck with ancient Hebrews. This deal now pervades most religious thought on this planet via Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and according to this cosmology, they are all machinations of this false God!

Good to know, though, that I am a modernist through and through and think claims of privileged access or chosen-ness are types of ethnocentric inflation and geographical hubris! At the same time, however, I don’t believe modernity has proven the non-existence of God. And if this construct is inherently deceptive then we couldn’t know the real truth about things anyway…

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