Andrewmarkmusic: decoding the headlines
and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

Satan,” Your crypto-KA$H henchmen are sure taking their sweet ole time finishing what they started since their beginnings in Babylon!” “I get that one day is as a thousand years and all, but come on: let’s get to the meat of the drama as all this posturing is starting to aggravate me!”

God, “What’s that? The peanut gallery is getting cranky?” “If you’d have read Delores Cannon’s books you’d know it’s a convoluted bloody mess down there, and besides: Ringo said it best when he sang, ‘It Don’t Come Easy’!’

Satan, “Hey, he was just on stage playing Helter Skelter with the archon that replaced McCartney when he died!” “Fine performance if you don’t mind me saying.”

God, “Yes, he was kickin’ for a lickin’ and the poundin’ was astoundin’!” “Fine playing aside, I don’t know why you come whining to me anyway when it’s your craftiness that taught the money masters how to turn the earth into a speculative casino!” “But I must say the most impressive part of your work was getting my slacker son’s church to play along!”

Satan,” Easy peasy and the inevitable result of things I started on Wall St. when my buddy Edward Bernay’s was still around.” “Humanity hasn’t figured out that they could have foiled my work by banning advertising!” “The Wall St. machine has made me near invincible!”

God, “I’d advise against getting cocky but you just ignore all wisdom’s warnings about pride!”

Satan, “Frankly, she bores me!” “Hey, I did well though, eh?” “When I convinced the masses that Satoshi wasn’t the central bankers?”

God, “Brilliant as usual!” ” And I see you’re piling it higher and deeper this week with the Libra hearings!”

Satan, “Humans have come to love my fake news and phony hearings especially if they come out of D.C.!”

God disappears for what could only have been a qubit-second.

Satan, “Where did you go?”

God, “It was my shot!”

Satan, “Gautama is still beating you?”

God, “His trick shots create the most amazing universes!”

Satan, “There is something about that that doesn’t surprise me.”

God, “How much did you place on an Irishman winning the Open this year?”

Satan, “What did you do to McElroy?”

God, “Don’t blame me when the simplest explanation is the Irish Whiskey!”

Satan, “Hey, some Irishmen play better on it!”

God, “Indeed!”

Satan, “So where is your slacker son?”

God, “He says he’s not going back to earth until the Leafs win a Stanley Cup!”

Satan, “That will give the crypto-kings endless days to ply their bullshit!”

God, “Patience is a virtue!”

NOTE: it’s occurred to me that some of you might not be familiar with The Book of Job.

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