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                                                               “Blinded By The Light”

For a great deal of man’s history, it was believed that the universe was embedded within the fifth element known as the aether. Modern science still alludes to this idea as it posits that most of the universe is a mysterious dark matter or dark energy–ergo, the aether–a seemingly difficult idea to get rid of. But there are detractors to ‘the cult of bumping particles’ as articulated by Mr. Theoria Apophasis. I talk below about how people like Mr. Theoria and folks like Eric Dubay could be a conspiracy within a conspiracy! Haha!!!

Democritus was a Greek philosopher who posited that the universe was, indeed, ‘bumping particles’. This idea, generally, became associated with materialist philosophy, and modern atheism, and the scientific method of modernity. It reached its apex with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Heisenberg’s Quantum Theory. The theory, in essence, asserts a Godless universe driven by chance and necessity via evolutionary processes and is without teleology or intelligent purpose.

The Aether theory treats light very much the same as sound: that it’s wave-like and a perturbation disturbance within the aether. Those propagating this idea say that light isn’t a photon traveling through the vacuum of space; that it’s more like the wave created when one puts their feet in the water: the water being the aether and the waves being a vibration of light.

In some sense, from the vantage point of Conspiracy Lane, this idea, at first, seems plausible, especially from a spiritual perspective. Jesus and most of the sages were said to be light fighting a war against darkness. Within this context, the Aether theory seems compelling and coherent. It’s hard to know, though, where the demarcations are once one venture’s down this rabbit hole! Does space not exist? Are there no aliens and tachyon drives? Is the earth flat?

I’ve suggested that a very large part of the 911 civilizational psy-op– which did involve elements within Islam– was the ongoing war between those who want to rule the earth through the power of religious tradition and those who want rule via secular and material power-structures. We’ve seen a massive return to religion since Sept. 11 and this would argue for my theory. Please consider Nietzsche’s remark about God being dead and the feeling in the ’60s which was the notion that religion was over. Not so fast! I’ve even suggested that in modernity the Abrahamic religions; especially, morphed into the worldwide religion of the God KA$H. If this were true the believers in ‘the cult of bumping particles’ may not be as free from religion as they declare themselves to be.

One of the more interesting dot connections here, at least to me, is the coincidence of ‘the cult of bumping particles’ arising synchronistically with the ‘cult of usury’, or the modern fiat currency central banking/money creation cartels which turned what should have only been a means of exchange into a speculative commodity with its associated inflation and unlimited growth paradigm. An economic model destroying the biosphere and the aether (atmosphere) as well as creating a polarized division of wealth inequality where billions go homeless while the 1% lavish in unimaginable luxury via what is largely unmerited wealth gained through usurious economics. I’m even going to explore in an upcoming post whether the new atheist movement is a neoliberal manipulation as there is next to no critique of the current economic disaster from this clique. Chalk one up for aether enthusiasts if there is anything to my suggestion here.

Culturally these divisions are playing themselves out through the antipathies of the ‘Cultural Marxist’ atheist left pitted against what is perceived as fascist-like theists. One has to wonder who the vultures are that are feeding off the carcass of this civilizational malaise and warfare? My website is in large part an exercise in exploring the ‘who’ of that question.

It seems to me that civilization is in a ‘trust crisis’. We haven’t figured out a workable lie detector technology and we don’t know how to keep sociopaths out of power positions. We have a political system whose foundation is built upon lies and deception while solutions to climate change and pollution is billionaires needing to make more billions! Everywhere is systemic hypocrisy and duplicity with the shamans in Wall St. advertising agencies able to turn black into white with a flicker of the screen!  Not to mention the idiocy of the rights anarcho-capitalist solution (neo-feudalism) juxtaposed to the folly of the female buying wholeheartedly into this economic casino because it gives them leverage over Darwinian male might as the only will to power. Moreover, the Van Life meme could just as easily be funded by the oligarchs who are buying up all the land in a duplicitous ironic reversal. I have nothing against Van Life per se but those who promote this lifestyle should be spending equal time in their blogs criticizing a system which is promoting mass homelessness as a way of life. At the very least there should be No Fixed Address Human Rights Laws created so people living like this are not the victims of bad policing and law policy; not to mention a burgeoning for-profit prison system fuelled by a corrupt judiciary.

In the end, all the little bubbles we’ve created whether it’s the PGA bubble or the pop star bubble, or the walled-off millionaire estate bubbles are all going to pop if we don’t find a way out of our current malaise. A way out built upon honesty rather than duplicity. And using complexity as an excuse for breaking bad is idiocy! The current scientific paradigm as it has melded itself with global capitalism is an unmitigated disaster when it comes to civilizational trust and it hasn’t helped at all that the academies are now in the debt-slaving business for their bosses– the money-lending cartels.


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