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I received my first passport this year! And I went on a first successful road trip this summer after 30-months of dealing with a spine injury coincidentally located at the mythical throat chakra. This 4 AM event in Jan. 2017 ended a lifetime of carefree bodily function. This event caused me the most pain I’ve ever had in my life and came within 6-weeks of posting my conspiracy-oriented site; this event also came with 24-hours of missing time! The first time I’ve ever experienced conscious missing time! Now sure, when we all go to sleep each night we miss time but that isn’t what I’m talking about. Missing time is a common shared experience within the alien abduction phenomenon. After spending 40-years quietly exploring the big questions I finally decided to talk about my life experiences and was greeted by this injury episode! I sing about my search in the song When Your Last Breath Slips Away. 

What’s odd about me missing time is how good my memory is generally speaking. I can remember sequentially right back to some of my earliest experiences even predating two years old. For the record, it is true that I can’t remember my birth, but I do have ‘trace memories’ from prior to my birth in ’59 which have to do with Tibet. I won’t go into details as there is no way to prove that these are not false memories. Interestingly enough, Venus (Lucifer) eclipsed the star Regulus in 1959 (the year I was born) and will eclipse it again in 2044! Ask me which year I’m going to pass from this earth and I’ll bet it’s 2044! So what the hell am I talking about? Archetypes most likely. My dad is Reg! And ask folks like Santos Bonacci if the stars and the planets have any meaning for humans! Without equivocation, he’ll say yes! And no, I don’t promote flat-earth cosmology.

Okay, that nonsense aside, I’m posting this blog today to encourage y’all to visit the Boho Beautiful channel on Youtube as they are visiting Katmandu! I’m a fan of their ethos for the most part so drop in and say hi! When I left Toronto at 19 in ’79 I left empty-handed wearing Chinese slippers and carrying a buckskin jacket and a guitar! This was a conscious choice by me to give what I owned away and go hitchhiking and spiritual seeking. I spent 7-years out there wandering, but in the end, I did have to stop living like that or I most likely would have died out there. In angel mythology, the angel Reg is responsible for promoting amphetamine and LSD use–two substances I know a lot about! lol And no, I have zero pics or videos from those years! My first pics as an adult came around ’87 as I began to reintegrate into society. So a part of me does get a chuckle out of Youtube travel culture.

I got a call from WCB shortly after posting this. So injury claims now come with unlimited surveillance! How much does that cost? I reinjured my neck in March on a job and attempted to get the file reopened for physiotherapy only. Denied of course by this corrupt institution.
Until WCB legal systems accept, legally, spiritual metaphysics or alien hypothesis, they should make judgments based on the facts. The fact is this whole episode started at work. Shortly after putting up my conspiracy site the ‘work feeders’ who run this city cut me off. For 3-weeks I sat around and worked on my site. But we have a saying here in usury land: we are all two weeks away from disaster.
So, finally, this guy calls me to hang wallpaper. I do the hour drive. I get that ‘twitch’ I get when I come across an archon (think Westworld admin). Very very difficult install. In fact, one of the more difficult ones in 40-years. I knew I should have walked. Did I mention the setup? Yes, I did…3-weeks. I’m splayed out like Christ for 8-hours hanging this stuff cause I took the hook: 500.00 bucks!
At 7 PM on a very cold night, I finally finish and start my engine…Nope! Dead as a doornail. Electrical disturbance is often associated with the archons. 2-hours later I’m on the road and get to the tunnel. They have it blocked! I’ve never seen this in 35-years here. I get home @midnight. I’m in pain! Out comes the Tylenol and Rum! Hey, it’s cheap and effective and my liver is strong.
Shortly after this event, I get the 4 AM wake-up call from the invisible hands of the Archons. So, yes…there are human faces to these entities and they are well coordinated. They also know how to convolute the fuck out of everything. Mainly via endless bullshit! They BS…I don’t! End of story.
What we are seeing today is institutionalized anarchy (lawlessness in this case)…

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