Andrewmarkmusic: decoding the headlines
and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

The updated demo for this one…

This is another one that surfaced from the cache recently. Initially written in the ’80s, I believe…

I think I wrote it in Banff. I guess it comes from a time I was a wee less fuckin’ jaded and cynical:P

I think I’ll call this batch of songs the subway sessions as that’s where their roots came from.

Eventually, when I have the dough, I’ll get my mixmaster, Rick, to polish them up.


We Libras like to balance things out and in that spirit:

With the complete breakdown of all willing, when he sees everything torn from him, his prosperity, his dearest relations, even his own body in the pangs with which he is writhing, and together with these, the whole of the rest of the world, then also for him only an ocean of misery remains, and this ocean of suffering will only then be real…George Grimm. 

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