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This one should be useable as a practice tool. I know the comping is pretty repetitive but this exercise is only a tool…

In this second one, I demonstrate how the first video can be used. I practice using a descending chromatic riff which is voice leading using the flat 9 of the dominant and then I’m resolving to the third or the major 7th of the tonic.

Okay, jazz is an itch I got as a kid and I was dumb enough to try and scratch it. I don’t have the ear to play it though; at least not in the way it should be played. But this recent injury three years ago has given me an opportunity to explore this genre of music if even minimally.

The main focus of my blog is spirituality and philosophy and then music focusing on the songs I’ve written and then last in line is my jazz musings.

My next vlog will ask the question, “what should a climate emergency look like?”

And predictably and maddeningly humanity will get next to nothing in this regard that is healthy as the left and right wings of the plutocracy are simply playing everyone against everyone while they line their pockets with a cut of the vig of every transaction everywhere. Think of a silver dollar (another hoarding coin) and it will show the two sides are one.


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