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To understand why this is we have to dig into the Gnostic tradition. But first, there is the historicity issue, too, which is no small inquiry. There are so many problems like Nazareth not even existing at the time; absolutely no records of ‘the slaughter of the innocence‘ by Herod, an event which would have been meticulously documented; combined with no evidence for a slaughter of the innocents by Yahweh in Egypt. Perhaps Yahweh didn’t hear about an injunction called, ‘thou shall not commit murder’, but that’s a different blog. No first-hand account records at all; all material existing in this regard is dated well after the date of these events. It’s also a fact, that in academia, those who insist on the official stories being accurate don’t even believe in God–they are for the most part atheists! The Old Testament’s veracity comes into play here, also. The world wasn’t created in seven days; the sun existed before the moon; man is a bipedal hominoid descended from primates; there was no worldwide flood; there is no evidence at all for the Exodus; there is no evidence for a grand Solomon kingdom, and on and on and on. There is the small issue of Yahweh not even being God or Good. See Bobby’s Youtube channel for an excellent deconstruction on this issue. Although I disagree with him that a truly GOOD god needs to sacrifice his son in an act of sheer brutality to save sinners. Frankly, this is bullshit! And the machinations of an inept and malevolent demiurge.

So what is Gnosticism? It’s a spiritual belief system that came to prominence in the first few centuries after Christ and I believe there is ample evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it predates Christianity–my site has many posts on this subject. Its basic tenet is that the malevolent God of this world is not the true loving creator god of all existence; that the Christ came here to confront the Rabbi’s on their bullshit and to teach humanity the truth about God and our condition within this deceptive situation we find ourselves in. It’s fair to call the Christ (Kristos) the Logos or the first thought of the mind of God which brings all things into existence. We call Christ an Aeon in Gnosticism and there is more than one creation myth which isn’t all that relevant for the points in this blog. So Jesus is an Aeon and when it visited this earth it wasn’t a Jewish carpenter. Interestingly enough, one of the few first-hand accounts (written much later than the events) is the letter Pilate wrote to Ceaser which describes him as Aryan and light-eyed and blonde looking–consistent which much of angel mythology. This idea about him is known as Docetism and simply means he was an angelic like being and not a descendant of primates. Brutal sacrifice stories aside, it’s simply not possible for humans to murder an Aeon–the very notion is laughable.

In Gnostic mythologies, it is said that Yahweh the demiurge (known by different names) at some point had a vision of the Aeon Christ or Logos and much of our history here goes to the treachery involved on this issue and the fake replicant which is Yahweh’s mimicking of the true Aeon, and this is known as the so-called Jewish carpenter Yeshua, who most Jews don’t even believe in, but that’s another matter. The coming years will see this deceptive drama played out as Yahweh fulfills his prophecies and brings Yeshua his Messiah to rule the nations with an iron rod–how else would an evil god rule? It’s probably best, dear readers, to start disidentifying with your head as you’ll likely lose it when this comes to pass. Yes, the rivers of blood shall run deep! At this point, I should mention that many Gnostic mythologies fall into incoherence when they espouse that the Aeon Christ is Yahweh’s son or any kind of associated being connected to Yahweh. This simply makes no sense assuming we buy into these narratives whatsoever.

Another important aspect of all of this is the mythology of Sofia! Put on your thinking caps folks…If it’s true that Jesus was the first thing to exist and is a nonhuman Aeon then what do you suppose Sophia is? That’s right folks, don’t touch that dial! ‘She,’ Wisdom is an Aeon, also. And there are whole mythologies surrounding her out there. This blog isn’t interested when she came into existence although I tend to believe she is part of a syzergy (here) and the best half of the Logos (Jesus’ better half known as wisdom). Was she a Jewish wife of Jesus, then? Nope! Impossible under this mythology! Although I guess it’s possible they could have acted this out but that makes little sense to me. Of course, we are talking about the mythology surrounding Mary Magdalene here who is said to be the incarnation of Sophia. Like the stories surrounding Jesus the stories surrounding Mary Magdalene are mired in contradiction and obscurity. Hardly consistent with a loving God willing to share openly the truth about its existence.

Consider this: if the demiurge had a vision of the true Aeon Christ it would certainly have had an intuition of the very thing that the mythologies say birthed its very existence: Sophia! And if it’s true that the demiurge has created a mimicry of the Logos (known as Anti-Christ in normative Christian theology) then it’s also logically consistent that it created a fake version of Sophia, too! And this is where this story gets truly bizarre and we have to look into Kaballist Gnostic mythologies. I’m not going to do that here but the short version is that the demiurge has created a false narrative about Sophia as it also created a false narrative about the Aeon Christ. The Kabbalists are playing out the scenario on earth today via Freemasonry, the Jesuit control of the RCC, via sects within Islam, and collusion within Vedic belief systems, and of course, via New Age doctrines. All of this will coalesce into the worldwide religious authority which will come out of Jerusalem.

One last wrench in all of this: it’s entirely possible that all this mythology is really about extra-terrestrial involvement upon this earth and at that point, it even gets more difficult to assess the truth in any matter when it comes to these affairs. Simply put, is it more accurate to suggest that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were/are of an alien race deeply involved with the shenanigans going on upon this earth? This for me isn’t my view, but I do consider it a coherent possibility.

Some of us stand alone in our search:)

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