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                                                      “All Christian Gnostics are anarchist”

Here is a paper by Anthony Thompson that outlines the dispute. This schism developed in the west as the ‘rational enlightenment’ superseded religious dogmatic control of culture. NO! The culture wars are not over…There were those like Rousseau who didn’t think this was the best model for society: the cold-steel overly thought out (left-brain) ratiocinations of independent economic actors acting via the machine model within the endless march of progress. Up, up and away! Who needs intuition and emotion anyway? 

In part, I think my New Earth Commons model with its Four Pillars of humanity’s basic needs is an attempt at addressing this schism. But I’m in no way saying that the commons culture should be a place of stagnation and underachieving. I’ll link the documentary below, Life-Sized City, on Montreal and the collectives which are organizing there. I saw another one in this series on Mexico City and a commons community rose out of the ashes of disaster. It was anarchist in action via collective local consensus. Having the basics of human needs met with intelligence and compassion and not open to profit-driven motives IS the doorway to healthy higher potentials. 

What I’m suggesting is a return to self-sufficiency wherein the ground floor of human life is stabilized and not open to predatory market forces. It’s in such a culture that true human flourishing could arise. What I found interesting about the Montreal experiment was how Christian it is in its ethics yet at its heart it’s likely very antagonistic towards Christendom (I could be wrong) in the same way Marx was. Go figure…Or, it’s the wet dream of Tikkun Olum come true? We’ll have our paradise as long as no Christians exist within it. See Marx’s paper on the J.Q.

I guess what I’m suggesting is to have the new commons enact this strain of human thought and living. And to let the stripped-down commercial capitalist system act out the ideas within progressive enlightenment. It’s called a fuckin’ compromise people! But the problem is the corporate plutocracy is more interested in ‘greenwashing’ cities like Vancouver juxtaposed to the ‘whitewashing’ of the economic right who deny or obfuscate all environmental issues. Crisis? What crisis? And hell, we capitalists have the power of positive thinking (and control of the Ponzi scheme printing presses)…


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