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More on DIVOC-91 in 2020: the mass rental evictions are ramping up under DIVOC-91 economics just as winter starts and THIS IS GOVERNMENT POLICY! Sickening! Like I’ve said time and time again, the CERB in Kanada should have started on November 1st. This route would have given everyone 7-months to get prepared for a 6 or 7-month winter lockdown.

(In America, the democrat’s first bill sent another small fortune to Israel while coughing up 600.00 to Americans for Christmas…wait, no it didn’t…because The Usual Suspects in the Alt-Right media made a shitstorm about how lame and stingy that amount was (correct on that point) so the right hand of the Kabbalists (Trump) vetoed it and Americans got squat from Israel for Christmas!) The bracketed part was written and saved on my WordPress site 2-days ago…Okay, he signed after Christmas and the printing press is going brrrrr…The only card in the Archon deck: Usury! Yippie! The Satanic cheers are deafening and the crowds are going C.R.A.Z.Y.!

In 2019’s version I’m going to link a story about how the Amish are being harassed by the legal mafia called the bureaucratic nation-state. I’ll link the story here. I find it hard to believe that these families are doing any significant damage to their land or neighbors. They’ve been dealing with greywater and human waste issues for centuries and would have developed sound low-tech solutions to these problems. As the article points out Tort Law used to be the way to deal with neighborly transgressions but that’s been handed over to the nation-states bureaucrats. What I’d love to see are laws passed that forced these politicians to live like the Amish for a year! The guvment can use their time on the land there to refine low tech waste systems. BTW: send the flat-earthers there, too, and pass THE AMISH LAWS! But the world’s governments are not interested in solving the pollution problem as it’s their policies that are creating the problem: capitalism’s usurious nature, GDP, externalization, mass mindless consumerism, and on and on and on.

In my estimation, Amish communities should be one of the templates for what I’m calling A NEW EARTH COMMONS. Of course, as modernists, we can drop some of their silly moral ideas and refine their technology so these communities look more like a NEO-SHIRE…

Pimps and Whores! Yup, this is what the Cabal has done to humanity. We are, for the most part, either one or the other now. Oh, sure, a few are not–The Amish, Indigenous people still living on their terms; the rare monied few that only own one property and haven’t succumbed to rent-seeking and unnecessarily exploiting and coercing others for their rent, food, education, or healthcare ( please read this series in its entirety to understand why this is).

The rest of us are either pimping everything and everyone big time or having to whore ourselves out just to survive. Now, of course, the point I’m making in this series of posts is the modus operandi that took over the earth about 250 years ago is no longer sustainable–maybe it was in 1850 even if the ethics were and are dubious; nonetheless, this mode of doing things isn’t going to end well. I’ve made the point that there would still be a chance for civilization if we altered course on these issues but I hold little hope as I’ve pointed out that what’s happening here in these times isn’t a democracy.

Let’s look at the bull-shit the Cabal has been spewing for millennia: that humanity is a lump of clay on a fallen rock and doesn’t deserve better than either being a pimp or a whore (yes, this is western theism/original sin/the slave cult of Saturnalia); that humanity did something in another life which caused them either to be a pimp or a whore; that humanity is a food source for financial predators and especially financial systems of coercion and exploitation (thank-you economic Darwinism). All of these are false from the Christian Gnostic perspective. From this point of view, you’ve simply been duped by these lying archons.

I need to touch on why Islam is not the solution to our problems today. I say this considering that at its best it didn’t exploit and coerce humanity’s basic needs ( nor did the early church for a brief period). The fact of the matter though is that Islam is, for the most part, a toxic affair, and it’s been that way from near its inception. Yes, there have been times when it created a high culture but even at that Islam was still an enforced theocracy. The Islamists did do a fairly decent job of hiding its Solar roots but the internet has blown the whistle on that one. Its origins are as much Solar as Judaism and Christianity. Like its older siblings, Islam’s foundation crumbles on the historicity of Moses who was not a historical figure as written in canon. This series of posts considers Islam another machination of the Archons. We’ll be touching on Hinduism and Buddhism as we wrap up this series.

In the last four parts of this series, we’ll begin speculation on who these lying archons are. That they’re liars is my view although I’ll consider and include one or two scenarios wherein the archons are only caught in a web of complexity and are not evil. I don’t believe this but I like being thorough–so I’ll include this unlikely scenario. I’ll also go over the possibility that this earth is a school and whether we volunteered to come here.

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