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DIVOC-91 is proving my assertion about imprisonment–at least for the masses. A corrupt nation-state controlled by usurers is once again using the ‘shock and awe’ tactic to get what they want out of civilization: a place wherein NO ONE can criticize the ELIte predators and where people are now debt-slaved within the WALLS of the country they were born in–neo-Plebism while the Neo-Patricians can and do go anywhere they like whenever they like! For now, it’s only imprisonment, but I can’t see how this ISN’T going to lead to annihilation!

People want to compartmentalize DIVOC-91 and say it has absolutely no connection to the events of September 11, 2001, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Trillions have been spent since that day to destroy Islamic countries while creating a mass-surveillance culture everywhere else and DIVOC-91 has just given them unlimited ability to double-down on that agenda. And now the economic predators are out in FULL FORCE and to my knowledge, no nation-state on earth has reigned in their toxic greed! Despicable! The Kanadian Liberals will likely do another study!

I’ll preface 2019 by saying I reject the simulation model of existence theory but I’ll not omit the word matrix and only mean a ‘deceptive construct’ by it. This year I’ll introduce *Equalism and I’ll link the work of c.j.macq HERE…

The three options facing humanity today: annihilation, imprisonment, or a truly sustainable economic model. My New Earth Commons model premised on a proper understanding of The Golden Rule-– which was always relevant to economics and based on the notions of non-coercion and no unnecessary exploitation–with a foundation built on ending coercion and exploitation of humanities basic needs which I call The Four Pillarshousing, food/water, education, and healthcare. This is a sane practical way forward as an alternative to annihilation or imprisonment options!

I’ll cover imprisonment first as it seems the likeliest at the moment given all the trajectories. We’ll assume that a sane idea like mine will be dismissed so we go from there. The imprisonment option is what Alex Jones has ranted about for decades and he’s quite right. We’re already seeing unprecedented prison for-profit systems by the Cabal and this will only get worse as conditions deteriorate over the coming century. Many soon will be unable to pay their debts and will be imprisoned also–this is how the Cabal rolls–they’re evil! At best we may get hi-tech megacities under technocratic fascist control–this is already happening in major cities around the world–it will only get bigger and worse–the totalitarian control.

Most of the world’s religions predicted disaster for humanity: this is consistent with a ‘demiurge oversoul’ and its archons knowing the future as they control destiny here. Most scientists today are predicting various collapse scenarios so we have a rare convergence of science and religion which isn’t too surprising from a Christian Gnostic perspective as the archons control everything. It also explains why a sane option like my New Earth Commons Civilization gets dismissed. They’re well aware of The Golden Rule and do everything possible to make sure everyone breaks it–this virtually ensures your imprisonment as you’re not getting out of this Matrix if you practice these kinds of coercion and exploitations. There is also a Gnostic cosmology that predicts endless rounds of creation and destruction by the demiurge and the archons here…I hope that one isn’t accurate!

I’ll touch on the notion that earth is a school. It could be. Hinduism is likely the religion most amenable to this idea. Here are the problems with it from my perspective. We don’t have free will as the ego is a false construct! Yes, the Matrix is very real but the thing you think you are isn’t– it’s a false construct and it doesn’t have freewill-not any kind that matters anyway. Yes, free will exists on higher planes, IMO, but not here in the way Hinduism teaches; and this, then, would make the idea of karma wrong! Christian Gnosticism would teach that you are a Divine essence and you’ve no karma here! Just the need to realize the condition you’re in and refuse to play the machinations of the slave masters. In my opinion, don’t make any agreements with the archons when you die! They’re lying to you! Demand access to the higher planes instead!!!

Here are some other problems with the school notion: no one seems to know what the lesson is ( of course, I do:), no one seems to know the rules–it seems that anything goes! Someone wiped our memories so that fact alone has left us helpless; the teachers most often act like sick psychos, the rumor mill has it that those who could show us the truth can’t because they’re under obligation to not show signs of proof of higher dimensions…and well, at that point I just shake my fuckin’ head and go what kind of insane fuckin’ school is this and who made the fuckin’ lunatic rules! No thanks…

Don’t break The Golden Rule and realize that you’re not what the archons tell you-you are!

NOTE: I’ve only recently run across this philosophy and so far so good! But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’d endorse every aspect of it. The basic tenets are bang on though and align with everything I’m saying…

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