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The GOOD first! This is a really decent overview of Marxist thought and well worth the time listening to. I commented on what I wrote below and the comment (in italics) was immediately deleted so I’m making a post here. I’ll link the video below.

To my knowledge, there is nothing that I’m saying here that is racist, mean, inaccurate, or historically false–at least from anything I can discover about history.

My comment on his Cultural Marxist video:

It’s a silly idea as long as one is willing to dismiss and remove the Jewish people from their historical context. If we do that, then, yes, the term becomes vague and meaningless if the Jews are just nobodies like any other goyim…
But if we are honest and are willing to place the Jews within their historical context then there is, IMO, some substance to these ideas.
If we are honest we can see three general categories of Jewish influence since about the 1400s. With the first one religious orthodoxy which teaches that the world will eventually be given over to the Jewish Messiah and the renewed Sanhedrin council coming out of Jerusalem with a renewed third temple. This group also includes radical sects like the Sabbatean Frankists…
The esoteric school within Judaism is Kabbalism which encompasses sects like the Freemasons and Jesuits who teach an alternative metaphysics based on the Genesis story and the fall and rape of Sophia (Eve) and the Luciferian attempt to ‘save the world’ via Tikkun Olam. It’s easy to dismiss the influence here since the 1400s but such dismissal is entirely mistaken. See Scott Ostatt’s, Secrets In Plain Sight documentary.
Lastly, the Marxist/Materialist/Rothchild Zionist movements that began in the 1800s which seem to be a form of ‘Secularized Judaism’ or attempts to rid Jewish thought from its spiritual foundation.

And, of course, there are the *demented children of Judaism in Christianity and Islam who, for the most part, will have strong opinions on the Jews both positive and negative.

  • I admit to being a tad incorrigible:P

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